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Piracy of Rhodesian based material is a big problem.  Please support the businesses who are linked below. They are authors and family based businesses who work hard and make sacrifices in order to provide quality products to the public. The true Rhodesian spirit was to support your mates.  Do the right thing and be true to yourself and the Rhodesian Spirit.

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30 Degrees South Publishing http://www.30degreessouth.co.za

30° South Publishers was launched in September 2005 with the express objective of servicing niche markets in the fields of southern African non-fiction, focusing primarily on history and memoirs.  Our Southbound imprint specializes in genres such as culture, eco-tourism and travel.

In addition, the company also offers a wide range of ‘contract’ publishing services—for example, for an author who wants to self-publish his novel or a company that would like to avail itself to our professional services for any of its publication/production requirements.

 A Martyr Speaks - Journal of the late John Alan Coey

John Coey was an American soldier who served in the SAS and Rhodesian Light Infantry during the Bush War in Rhodesia. He was one of a total of 5 Americans killed in action in Rhodesia.

John Coey kept a detailed journal which his mother has now published. The Coey's are devout Christians and this is a point of focus in this book. John fought in Rhodesia to defend Christian freedom and when you see the mess that is now Zimbabwe you recognise the sacrifice that men like John made.

Order from Mrs G E Coey Apt. E14, 6555 US Highway 68, S West Liberty, OH 43357-9342 U.S.A.

 A Walk Against The Stream by Tony Ballinger (sb) 471 pages, plenty of B& W photos

This is one of the latest Rhodesian books to hit the shelf.  It is a true story that revolves around a young man called up to do his National Service (Intake 152) in war torn Rhodesia in the late 1970's. 

As the winds of change swept down Africa in the early sixties, a lone nation resisted tyranny.  This is one of many stories set against the background of war in Rhodesia.  The author's army posting is to one of the country's premier tourist resorts and it is there that he falls in love with a young croupier from a nearby Casino. The story centres on their relationship and the challenges they face as the war rages around them and the village they live in.  It is a passionate embrace of a first love and a lost love.  Of wasted youth and blood spilled on the dry African soil.  A fascinating insight into the life of two young people brought together by love and war in a truly magnificent Continent.

Order direct from Tony Ballingertony@ballinger5422.freeserve.co.uk

Books by Heather Powell

When you read a book by Heather Powell the problems of the world disolve. She has a calming influence that should be bottled. She may have been a saint or suchlike in another life, who knows. All I know is that you should read her books.

To order email powellh@acr.net.au

Tsanga - Place of Reeds, Place of Healing

Heather's first book based largely on her time working with Dick and Anne Paget at Tsanga Lodge, Rhodesia's most sucessful rehabilitation unit.  Most of us knew someone who went through Tsanga Lodge.  Heather has produced a wonderful record of her time there providing an insight into what our friends went through at Tsanga and how their lives were improved by the wonderful people who ran Tsanga.  This books is well written and highly recommended. Price approx Aus$25 incl postage makes it a great buy.

Uncertain Genes - Humour in the Life of a Batty Aunt

Her latest book and essentially a biography in which she teaches us to find humour even in the darkest hour. Her statement "If it is true that we learn from our mistakes - then I must be getting a fantastic education" sets the scene for another wonderful book.

Books by  Prop Geldenhuys

Four books of note for anyone interested in the Rhodesian Air Force. For more details and how to purchase go to www.pey.co.za These books are an amazing historical record.


A Matter of Weeks Rather than Months by JRT Wood

The Impasse between Harold Wilson and Ian Smith; Sanctions, Aborted Settlements and War 1965 - 1969

While the British and the Rhodesian whites attempted to negotiate their future, the African nationalists were not content to await the outcome.  They had already adopted the concept of the armed struggle as the route to power and, sponsored by the Communist Bloc, its surrogates and allies, they began a series of armed incursions from their safe haven in Zambia.  As yet, however, they lacked willing recruits or a population that welcomed their call for revolution.  As A Matter of Weeks shows, their campaign was a failure but they would learn from their mistakes as the already over-stretched Rhodesian forces would discover in the 1970s.

For more information and orders www.jrtwood.com

Baboons on the Verandah by C.W. "Duke" Acheson is now available at www.dukesrhodesia.co.za  Visit the site and enjoy an excerpt of Baboons On The Verandah. See pictures and read Duke's biography.  You can also order on line or contact Duke's daughter Delite at email samdelit@mweb.co.za 

Book Bibliography:
The late C.  W.  "Duke" Acheson was an American Foreign Correspondent covering the War in the Middle East in
1948, and thereafter travelled throughout Africa interviewing heads of state and other fascinating people.  This memoir captures the essence of daily life and describes his personal experiences after settling in Rhodesia with a young family "learning to be a farmer" in the wonderful years of the 50’s and 60’s when Rhodesia was at it's best! 

Often hilarious and moving with an informative account of the political situation of that era in southern Africa and the changes yet to come.  Black and white photographs depict the life and times 'he' writes about.


Bound For Africa by Douglass H. Hubbard Jr.

"Bound for Africa is a particularly timely book about an important continent which the United States has, until recently, largely ignored.  An almost Kiplingesque tale of an American serving in a counterinsurgency role at the end of white rule in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and the beginnings of the murderous misgovernment of Robert Mugabe, the book contains valuable insights into Africa and lessons which are directly applicable to today's Global War on Terrorism." Rear Admiral T.  A.  Brooks, U.S. Navy (Ret.), former Director of Naval Intelligence.

This is the story of the author's introduction to Africa at a time when much of the continent was in the grips of Cold War skirmishes between the free world and the communist forces of China and the Soviet Union.  Frayed from three years of service during the Vietnam War, Hubbard travelled to Africa intending to become a rural policeman in a quiet area of what was then Rhodesia.  The counterinsurgency war flared soon after, a conflict that bore many of the same characteristics of the country he had just left.  Hubbard describes his assimilation into the police force and into Rhodesian society and he recounts the challenges and satisfaction of leading and training young Africans.  This is a very personal story of the frustrations he faced and of the attitudes and spirit of the nation's racially mixed security force.

Douglass H.  Hubbard Jr.  is a consultant who has spent more than three decades working with the disadvantaged in Asia and in Africa.  He is also the author of Special Agent, Vietnam, a memoir of his years in counterintelligence for the NIS in Vietnam (Today known as NCIS).

For orders please email doug@awanipress.com or write to Bound for Africa, 230-C Walnut Street, #500, Chico, CA
95928, USA

Bullion Wire Blazer Badges made by Ken Palmer. All Rhodesian units represented. High quality craftsmanship, reasonable prices

Contact Ken Palmer by email faggamoto@optusnet.com.au or KPalmer@macmahon.com.au

Courteney Boots

"It was during the Rhodesian campaign of the seventies that I, and most other able-bodied men were spending a large part of our lives in the bush.  Companions would so often say to me, "Where did you get your boots?  I want a pair like that." So I made a pair for them.  I'm a third generation shoe maker and designer, and at that time had been making mainstream footwear for over forty years.

Eventually I established a modest workshop of my own making classic hunting boots the traditional way - as my father and grandfather did before me - with the old-fashioned values of hardiness and durability as well as comfort.  Because they just don't make them like that anymore." John Rice the founder & CEO of The Courteney Boot Company.

Safari Supply will donate 5% of every purchase made, that is generated by this advert, to the Rhodesian Services Association. You need to use this link below as it is connected to their website and will ensure we are credited for this. Your purchase helps us to develop our museum displays.

We thank Grant Febery of The Safari Supply Company, PO Box 34 974, Birkenhead, Auckland 0746, New Zealand email grant@safarisupply.co.nz mobile +64 21 854 188 for his support.

Ian Douglas Smith GCLM ID Limited Edition Prints

"Destiny" by Deon Stahmer. Overall size 681mm x 592mm

This unique limited edition print depicts two MK IX Spitfires of  237 (Rhodesia) Squadron RAF flying over Tuscany, Italy.  F/O I. D. Smith was flying MK227 on strafing missions just prior to being shot down over Northern Italy.

On sale are 720 Gallery Quality Prints individually numbered and signed by Ian Smith and the artist. Price R1,980 per print (Approx US$270 or £130)

Also available are 40 Publishers Proofs individually numbered and signed by Ian Smith and the artist. Price R 2,700 per print (Approx US$360 or £175) These are nearly sold out so be quick with your order!

Price includes:
Individually signed and numbered print;
Ian Smith's history;
History of  237 (Rhodesia) Squadron;
Certificate of Authenticity (UK MoD certification and original signatures appear below the print);
Rhodesia Land Tenure Map as at 21st October 1977;
Insured postage.

This price is an introductory offer specifically to Rhodesians. In due course the Gallery Quality Prints will be advertised in international aviation art magazines for $375.

10% of sales will be donated to various Rhodesian associations. To support the Rhodesian Services Association, please ensure that you nominate us on the order form. Thank you.

To order:
Email: dotlam@mweb.co.za
Or write to: PO Box 804, Randpark Ridge, 2156, South Africa
Or Telephone +27 11 795 2107 or Fax +27 86 611 8044

John Edmond and Roan Antelope Music
also includes Wrex Tarr and Clem Tholet titles

Msasa Enterprises

High quality DVDs and Videos.  Use this link http://www.rhodesianvideos.mazoe.com or write to msasasa@iafrica.com

My Mothers Kitchen was a Baobab - The Story of a Rhodesian Family by Ben Bezuidenhout

Now in its third printing, this book is an autobiographical romance.  Ben Bezuidenhout expresses with affection and deep love, the natural and human environment in which he grew up.  Here is a narrative of courage and struggle, its ambience one of man's interaction with people and nature.  Living in the colony of Southern Rhodesia, Ben's family found themselves functioning as pioneers in a country won for imperialism by questionable consultation and aggressive conquest.  Farms needed development, roads had to be built, water systems established, medical facilities made available, education offered to as many as possible and the essential infrastructure of a modern state provided for all.

This adventure works itself through the anecdotal reminiscence of memory.  It is laced with humour, acute observation and entertaining appreciation of characters whose work-ethic became second nature.  Enterprise and entrepreneurship became their watchwords long before the latter term became trendy.

Whatever the political and moral imperatives of the day, and the latter-day judgement of the twenty first century on the 'scramble for Africa' in the late nineteenth century, time and events have moved on.  This book consciously avoids a political interpretation of the colonial experience in Rhodesia, its fifteen years of unilateral 'independence' and recent developments.  Its focus is human endeavour, response, suffering and the struggle to respect and relate to an environment rich in natural beauty and challenge.

To order and for more information on this and other books by this author go to this page www.rhodesianbooks.co.za

Never Quite A Soldier - A Policeman's War 1971 - 1983 and Blood Sweat and Lions by David Lemon

David served in the BSAP as a uniformed policeman holding a number of posts in Kariba, Marandellas and Macheke.  He transferred to the Black Boots for a couple of years and finally ended up back in Marandellas in uniform when the country became Zimbabwe.  His first book 'Never Quite a Soldier is an excellent record and very well written.

He has now published his second book Blood Sweat and Lions which records his epic journey, on foot through the Zambezi Valley

Please email David at Lemonfolk@aol.com to order direct from him or visit his website www.elephantlemon.com


Of Land and Spirits by Alan Thrush.

Alan Thrush served as an officer with the RAR.  He was awarded the Bronze Cross of Rhodesia for gallantry.  The book is described as a novel.  Many of the names have been changed but this is most certainly a very accurate portrayal of the Bush War in Rhodesia during the mid 1970's through until the country became Zimbabwe.  The book is well written and easy to pick up and put down without having to back track.

It can can be purchased from Books of Zimbabwe in the UK whose web site is at http://www.booksofzimbabwe.com or you can email Simon Bolze at info@booksofzimbabwe.com

Paget's Progress: A Tale of High Adventure and Low Salaries by Dick Paget  available from www.amazon.com or from Books For Africa

"This is a brilliant book - you must read it" - Hugh Bomford

Paget's varied career has included: working as an army medic for the Rhodesian Army Medical Corps, running a rehabilitation center for army casualties at Tsanga Lodge in Inyanga located in the Rhodesian Eastern Highlands, helping outward bound centers and managing a security firm in Malawi.  Experiencing these diverse occupations and the movement between them, readers will surely tune into the humor, excitement and pathos of Paget's life journey that continues even today.

He might have been able to stay in Africa for a time, running the rehabilitation center he and his wife, Anne, started for wounded army veterans, but when Robert Mugabe came to power in Zimbabwe, he changed the fundamental attitude toward both the type of rehabilitation the Pagets were administrating and the general politics of the nation, threatening to jail those who opposed his decrees.  Paget had little choice but to flee with his family to South Africa, where he lived on what seemed like scraps.

As riveting as it is heartfelt, Paget's Progress is a non-stop rollercoaster ride that will plunge readers into the full extent of human experience and enrich their understanding of the world. 

Rhodesian Forces Roll of Honour on CD

For more information use this link http://www.flf-rasa.org/home/index.html


Governments are generally responsible for publishing national Rolls of Honour for members of their security forces who lost their lives while on active service for their country.  In addition, memorials to their war dead are erected to perpetuate their remembrance, and for survivors and future generations to pay their respects.

The political party that took over the government of Zimbabwe in 1980 was determined to denigrate Rhodesians, in particular those who had fought and died in the service of Rhodesia from November 1965.  Therefore there is no memorial in Zimbabwe to Government Security Force members who died during the so-called Bush War.

The Flame Lily Foundation set up the Rhodesian Forces Memorial Project to honour Rhodesians who died in the service of their country between 1965 and 1980.  The intention is to provide a permanent memorial and, in so doing, to produce a comprehensive Roll of Honour of Rhodesia's war dead, in the absence of an officially published record.


The Roll of Honour has been researched, compiled and published by Mara du Toit from sources in print and on the internet, together with input from the Rhodesian Diaspora.  This includes all known Rhodesian Rolls of Honour in books and on websites, and several private databases.  While every effort has been made to correct previously published errors and ensure accuracy, there are still mistakes, omissions and duplications in these Rolls of Honour, also showing why previously-published names have now been omitted.  Acknowledgements are published in the Rolls of Honour CD.

Separate Rolls of Honour

A separate Roll of Honour has been compiled for each component of the Rhodesian Forces: British South Africa Police; Rhodesian Army; Rhodesian Air Force; Guard Force; Internal Affairs.

There is also a complete index of all names published in the Rolls of Honour CD.

The Mobile Memorial

The initial intention was to erect a static memorial in the Johannesburg area, dedicated to the memory of all Rhodesians who died on active service between 1965 and 1980.  However, various factors arose which resulted instead in a mobile memorial, which could easily be transported and erected wherever a remembrance service would be held.  The Mobile Memorial comprises the Rolls of Honour, flags and badges of all the Forces, the Armorial Bearings of Rhodesia, and a large scale operational areas map of Rhodesia.

The components of the Mobile Memorial can, if required, be housed or displayed in a suitable museum, or form part of a static memorial at some future date.

The last item required for the Mobile Memorial is a custom designed trailer, which can be used to transport the accoutrements by road.  Funds for this trailer have still to be raised, partly through the sale of CDs and DVDs.

CDs and DVDs

The CD contains the Rolls of Honour, as well as an incomplete Civilian Book of Remembrance listing those killed by terrorist activity.

The DVD covers the Remembrance Service on 11 November 2007, as well as a large number of film clips and photos of Rhodesian Forces taken during the of period 1965-1980, with a background of martial music played by bands of the Rhodesian Army and Police.  (The DVD is still in production.)

Orders The CD and DVD can be ordered by clicking on the disc below.

Rhodesian Medal Roll - Honours and Decorations of the Rhodesian Conflict 1970 -1981 by David Saffery

Over 25 years since the last Rhodesian medals were awarded, comes your chance to own the definitive roll of recipients of Rhodesian honours and decorations.

Rhodesia Medal Roll is the first book to list every gazetted recipient of Rhodesian honours and decorations: from the introduction of the Rhodesian honours system in 1970 to its abolition in October 1981.  It includes over 1,700 previously unpublished awards that do not appear in Contact and Contact II.

The book also details the very last gallantry awards, 24 honours including four awards of the Silver Cross of Rhodesia and ten awards of the Bronze Cross of Rhodesia, that were issued under Army General Orders in June 1980, and which have never been published to the general public before.

For orders go to http://www.jeppestown.com/


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NOTE - When ordering, in the 'Special Comments' box please add 'RSO' (Rhodesian Service Organisation) this way Tony will know that you found your way there from our recomendation.


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The Sweaties by James Scott (ex-Insp John Larn 7727)


This book has been written as a novel under a pseudonym but carries the authenticity of being written by someone who ‘was there’.  It is centered on the BSA Police Salisbury S.W.A.T. team in the final days of the war.  Facing impossible odds, the 'thin blue line' was never thinner as they and the Special Branch faced the threat of armed insurrection in the city, the horrors of Communist-backed terrorism, and the ultimate atrocity.


It is also the story of a country in its death throes. Former Inspector Peter Gibson, O.I.C Salisbury S.W.A.T 1978-1980 writes  ' ...  Gives an insight into the enormity of our situation at the time.  Whoever you are, whatever you did, recapture it in this book.  It deserves to be read.'


The book is available from these South African phone numbers: (011) 873 2731 or 083 305 5675 or (011) 475 5808 or email johno@computec.co.za  or from www.amazon.com  or www.pegasuspublishers.com  or Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers, Cambridge, UK  Fax 01223 370040