April 2014


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We have had to prioritise the completion of the Rhodesia Regiment book project which has left us no spare time for writing newsletters - sorry.

This is a very brief newsletter in order to let you know that we are still here and remind Antipodeans to make arrangements for ANZAC Day on 25 April. We are also releasing information on the change of venue for the October 2014 RV. Read on for details.

We have raised a new section on our website to facilitate the running of on-line auctions. Our intentions are that we will run auctions to benefit our Association. In addition we will run auctions for other Rhodesian linked associations at no charge. We will run auctions where the beneficiary is an individual for a 10% commission. Email thecqstore@rhodesianservices.org for more information.

We have a number of auctions up and running currently (including an interesting one for the smokers) – please go and visit http://www.rhodesianservices.org/auctions.htm

To take full advantage of the facility please register – it costs nothing to register and we don’t ask for your bank account number. It is all quite safe (make sure that you put in your correct email address and make a note of your password). Once you are registered you will then get an email whenever a new auction is loaded.

We have some exciting prospects from warthog tusk bottle openers to a David Shepherd original painting of an elephant. We will also be auctioning two handmade sheath knives that commemorate the 1st and 2nd Rhodesia Regiments from WWI.

Rhodesian Services Association Purpose & Web Links
The Rhodesian Services Association Incorporated is an Incorporated Society as well as a Registered Charity under the New Zealand Charities Act 2005. The purpose of the Association is to provide benefit and education to the community. For detail and disclosure please refer to the opening page of our website www.rhodesianservices.org

We also have a Facebook group which you are welcome to join.  We have loaded up a lot of photographs from various events, as well as others from our museum displays. We have found that Facebook is another platform assisting our purpose of preserving Rhodesian history.  If you want to find us, search for Rhodesian Services Association on Facebook.

Please use these links on our website www.rhodesianservices.org  for the following resources:
Guest Book
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On line auctions

Please remember to let us know if you are changing your email address.


The Rhodesian Services Association holds a large Rhodesian flag for use at funerals.  Please contact me at hbomford@clear.net.nz to arrange delivery if required.

Eddy Norris who instigated and ran ORAFS (Old Rhodesian Air Force Sods) died on 3 April 2104. We received this email:
It is with profound sorrow that we advise of the passing of our much beloved husband, father and grandfather, Edward Leslie Norris on 03 April 2014, at 21h30.

We were so honoured to have shared our lives with Eddy, he was an Umtali Boy and a true son of Rhodesia.  At last Dad, you have your peace and rest and a big hooley in that Great Hanger in the sky.

Thank you Dad for everything and showing us the way - a gentleman to the very end, and a true legend.

With great pride and love- As always, Trisha, Paul, Denise, Brenda, Shumba, Gaby, Caitlin and Caleb


ANZAC Day 25 April 2014

We will be parading en masse at Hobsonville RSA, 114 Hobsonville Road, Auckland on Friday 25 April
We invite you ALL to attend – please also pass the word to your friends who may not be on our mailing list
In the past we have had up to 100 people at our Rhodesian Service – let’s see if we can top that this year
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI and there will be a focus on WWI during the parade

Order of the day:





Other ANZAC Day parades around Australia and New Zealand

Please visit this page to find contact details for other Rhodesian parade organisers http://www.rhodesianservices.org/events.htm

Also check your local newspaper or RSA for a parade closest to you.


CQ Store
Visit www.rhodesianservices.org/The%20Shop.htm  to see what is in store for you.
Please give our CQ Store consideration when buying a present for friends or family. Profits from the sale of these items go towards the Museum Fund.

All prices are in NZ$ and do not include postage.

To order:
Email thecqstore@rhodesianservices.org  with your requirements.  We will get it weighed and priced and get back to you with a total.

NZ customers can pay by direct deposit with bank details being supplied on request
Overseas customers - we prefer payment by PayPal, personal or bank cheque.  We can accept personal cheques from most countries with the exception of South Africa. If you elect payment by PayPal, we will bill you from thecqstore@rhodesianservices.org  Please note that we can only process credit cards via PayPal.  We do not accept postal orders or Western Union transfers. Rest assured, if you want to make a purchase we will make a plan to enable you to pay!

 Clothing - shirts, jackets, caps, beanies, aprons, and regimental ties.
 Berets & Badges – most Rhodesian units available.
 Medals & Ribbons – an extensive range available.
 Posters & Maps – high quality reproductions.
 DVDs & Phone tones – historical footage, unique cell phone tones.
 Other goods - flags, bumper stickers, lighters, and more, as well as quality products direct from our contributing supporters.


Please note that some stock is now available from the UK branch of the CQ Store. Mostly it is the smaller items such as bullion wire blazer badges, lapel pins and bumper stickers. Those stocked items are marked on our inventory with a small Union Jack. Gerry van Tonder is CQUK with email g.van-tonder@sky.com

Here at the CQ Store we never run out of new ideas. Here are some new items in our inventory:

Rhodesia Regiment stable belt - This is a perfect copy of the original, 3" (75mm) wide with leather straps
Price NZ$60 plus postage
Inches S =38-40; M=42-44; L=46-48 with maximum extension 51.5 inches
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Rhodesia Regiment Port
Price NZ$40 per bottle + P&P – we will ship world wide.

Front and back labels

Engraved shot glasses
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Also available but not shown Rhodesian African Rifles


Triple Shot whiskey glasses
New stock has just landed from Italy
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Price NZ$25 each + P&P.


To order from the CQ Store - go on line to http://www.rhodesianservices.org/clothing.htm - select what you want and then email thecqstore@rhodesianservices.org for a full price including postage and methods of payment

Books for Africa
I again remind you that all the books and audio visual disks that I stock and sell are listed at www.rhodesianservices.org/Books.htm  These sales are my own hobby and income from sales is directed to me and not the Rhodesian Services Association.  However, the Association does benefit indirectly from these sales.  A great selection of books, many with a Rhodesian connection, can be found on the link above.

Check out our selection of DVDs – for more details go on line www.rhodesianservices.org/Books.htm

We have stacks of new titles for more details go on line www.rhodesianservices.org/Books.htm

Our most recent addition is:
Weep for Africa - A Rhodesian Light Infantry Paratrooper’s Farewell to Innocence by Jeremy Hall NZ$40 plus P&P. Soft cover.

Jeremy Hall’s childhood in the white-ruled apartheid South Africa of the 1950s and ’60s was ostensibly idyllic: growing up in the farming areas of Natal, he had free rein to pander to his keen exploratory mind, yet niggling away was entrenched racism and interracial hatred.

Closeted in the hallowed halls of an English-speaking high school, the revelation of the real world that followed – a world of township unrest, Afrikaner politicians issuing dire warnings of the red and black hordes massing on the borders – exploded into Hall’s psyche with his national-service call-up into the South African Defence Force (SADF), where he encountered the institutionalized hatred of the Afrikaner hierarchy for the English-speaking recruits, the rowe, or ‘scabs’.

Disillusioned and unsettled, following his SADF conscription, Hall found himself in 1976 signing on for three years with 2 Commando The Rhodesian Light Infantry as the bush war in that country erupted from a simmering, low-key insurgency into full-blown war.

As a paratrooper with this crack airborne unit, he was to see continual combat on Fireforce operations and cross-border raids into Zambia and Mozambique, such as Operation Dingo, the 1977 Rhodesian attack on ZANLA’s Chimoio base.


 Rhodesia Regiment 1899 – 1981’
by Peter Baxter, Hugh Bomford, Gerry van Tonder et al
Published by the Rhodesian Services Association


We hope that this book will be ready for distribution in May/June 2014.

This book is a definitive record of the Rhodesia Regiment. It is being funded and published by the Rhodesian Services Association as part of a major historical record.

Bulk stock will be held and distributed from South Africa, New Zealand and the UK:
South Africa email
New Zealand email
UK email

81 Limited Edition leather bound books signed by the authors and numbered will be produced (one for each year the unit existed)
1900 hard backs will be produced

Current book details (page numbers could increase) – total 602 pages 300 x 220mm portrait made up as:
528pp x b/w text/photos
8pp x colour photo section
8pp x colour map section
56pp full colour Honours and Awards and Uniforms, Embellishments and Equipment sections
Appendices covering Honours & Awards includes numerous citations; complete Roll of Honour 1899-1981; Leadership Roll; Intake numbers and dates
2pp x tip-in page
Over 8,000 individual names in the book
Illustrations - over 1,500 photos, maps and drawings
Weight - current expectation is 2.1kg

The limited edition version are almost sold out, we have a few left - to reserve a Limited Edition deluxe copy email Aulette Goliath office@30degreessouth.co.za  and cc to Hugh Bomford hbomford@clear.net.nz

The dustcover above is the finished product showing the front, spine and back. The back flap has details of three of the authors.
The front flap has details of the cover per below:
A great deal of importance has been placed on the design of the dust cover of this book, to which end a number of people have had a hand in its design over a period of several years.  The main photo was supplied by Mike Simpkins; taken in 1961 at Llewellin Barracks it shows Intake 41, B Company, Depot Royal Rhodesia Regiment. The soldiers who can be seen full face in the foreground of the photo are identified as (L-R):
L/Cpl JJ Smith (seen over the Instructor's right shoulder
WOII Alf Leppert (Instructor)
Cpl TR Herbert (to the left of the Instructor)
Rfn LL Badam-Thornhill (ditto)
Rfn AV Knott (ditto)
Cpl D de L Slatter (at the extreme right of the photo)

In this photo Instructor WOII Leppert is in the uniform of the Northern Rhodesia Regiment.  He saw many years of service in the army and his final posting was as Battalion Quartermaster with 4th (Manicaland) Battalion Rhodesia Regiment, by which time he was commissioned and had reached the rank of Captain.  He was awarded the Defence Force Medal for Meritorious Service in 1976.

The Rhodesia Regiment badge on the front cover is the Helmet Plate worn circa 1927.

The Regimental Colours - black, red and rifle green are depicted along the lower edge.

The back cover centre piece is taken from the last flag to be flown by the 1st Battalion Rhodesia Regiment.  This was presented to Col Norman Gourlay Jardine ICD, OBE, TD for safe keeping in 1980.  The flag is now on display in the Rhodesian Services Association archives.  It shows the final badge used by the Rhodesia Regiment, as well as the Battle Honours won by the Regiment throughout its proud history.

The photo on the spine is of the person who most influenced the production of this book - Sgt Peter Bomford who, along with thousands of WWII volunteers, began their service in the Rhodesia Regiment.  He was later awarded the Military Cross while attached to the 1st Gurkha Regiment, 21 (East Africa) Infantry Brigade in Burma.  This photo pays tribute to, and is representative of the personnel who volunteered for service during WWII, initiating their training with the Rhodesia Regiment and then becoming attached to units throughout the British Empire for the duration of hostilities.  Of those who returned from WWII, many went on to form the nucleus of what became the final phase of the Rhodesia Regiment.

The authors et al
We have a list of over 400 people who have supplied information. We have around 2,500 photos and illustrations to choose from for inclusion in the book. In addition to the named authors – Peter Baxter, Hugh Bomford and Gerry van Tonder, the following have written chapters or appendices on their own or in co-ordination with the other authors:
Craig Fourie
Tony Fraser
Adrian Haggett

The following list is of those people who have made significant contribution to the project:
Nick Baalbergen
Diana Bomford
Chris Cocks
Kerrin Cocks
John Lomas
Tinka Mushett
Dudley Wall
Mike Vivier

This book has, in all essence, been a product of a "committee effort".  However, unlike some committees that bicker and muddle along - this project has been more on the lines of a military operation where there has been a job to do and everyone has given their best for the ultimate objective.

As co-ordinator of this project, I (Hugh Bomford), thank everyone who has put their shoulders to the wheel.

Keep watch on this newsletter as well as this web page http://www.rhodesianservices.org/rhodesia-regiment.htm for updates and pre-publication offers.


Our Supporters– please also view our webpage http://www.rhodesianservices.org/our-supporters.htm
This section is for individuals and businesses who support this Association either by giving us something for auction at the RV in October; by donations from sales generated from our listings of their product or service; by offering discount to buyers who mention the Rhodesian Services Association when making a purchase; contributing material to our Museum and Archives.

Email me at theeditor@rhodesianservices.org for details of how you get a mention here.

The Association is very grateful to all our contributors; please reciprocate this support by supporting them in turn. Please don’t forget to mention where you saw their advert.

Buckles and Tees www.bucklesandtees.co.nz
Mike Vivier has a number of Rhodesian related lines which include the 'Advice to Terrorists' image on t-shirts and aprons as well this stunning Rhodesia Regiment belt buckle which sells for NZ$24.95 excluding postage.  100% New Zealand made.

Mike donates a portion of his income from all Rhodesian related items sold to the Rhodesian Services Association. Please email Mike at mike_jovivier@xtra.co.nz with your order or query or go to www.bucklesandtees.co.nz  and do it on-line.

That’s all folks, so until next time – go well.

 Celebrate Rhodesia Day* on the 11th November each year      

*The concept of ‘Rhodesia Day’ was brought to my attention by Eddy Norris and family. During the 90 year
life of Rhodesia we experienced the best of times and the worst of times. I encourage everyone to use this
day to remember the good times and to spend time remembering those who are no longer with us.

You can make a donation to the Rhodesian Services Association by clicking on our 'Collection Hat' below which is a typical slouch hat of the type used by the Rhodesian Army up until the 1960’s. Click on the hat (or this link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=MLMB2B8Y2UY3G ) and if you are registered with PayPal the process will be immediate. If you are not a PayPal member you will be given instruction on how to make a credit card payment via PayPal. Thank you - every bit helps.


This newsletter is compiled by Hugh Bomford, Newsletter Editor of the Rhodesian Services Association.  It contains many personal views and comments which may not always be the views of the Association or Committee.