Rhodesian military records from 1890 to 1981

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We are a New Zealand registered charitable organization. We seek to preserve the military records and history of Rhodesia. Our goal is to build a museum in the Tauranga area of New Zealand in which to house and display our ever increasing collection of artifacts and archives.

In these pages we intend to avail the public of valuable records and resources for research and general interest.

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Multiple records are to be expected. For instance, the BSAP issued a new service number when a policeman or woman signed on for a new contract period. Others may be recorded on different rolls where we have applicable information, eg: a person may appear on the Rhodesian Forces Nominal Roll and the Rhodesian Honours & Awards.

All the records that we have accessed are old; some are over 100 years old; many are handwritten – we have made every effort to be accurate and we have carefully cross referenced and corrected spelling and date details where possible however mistakes are inevitable and we welcome correction. Please use the contact form.

Rhodesian Roll of Honour – casualty details of soldiers in service at the time of death in Rhodesian units and of Rhodesians serving overseas from 1890 – 1981. Free access to all information, a fee is only applicable if a printable report is required.

Rhodesian Forces Nominal Rolls – details of soldiers who served in Rhodesian units and of Rhodesians serving overseas from 1890 – 1981. Fee applicable for printable record.

Rhodesian Honours & Awards – details of medals and awards made to Rhodesians covering mainly police and military service but also including civil and Fire Brigade from 1970 – 1980. Some records have images of sample medals or if possible photos of the recipient’s medal group. Fee applicable for printable record.

Associated Allied Forces & Commonwealth Monitoring Force – details forces allied to Rhodesia i.e.: Imperial troops serving in Rhodesia during the native rebellions, during the Anglo Boer War (Rhodesian Field Force), WWII (Rhodesian Air Training Group), South African forces in Rhodesia during the Bush War and the Commonwealth Monitoring Force of 1979 deployed to Rhodesia during the ceasefire.


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Rhodesia Regiment volunteers depart Salisbury in 1899
on their way to the Anglo Boer War.

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Countless hours have been put into this project by way of research then data entry and final editing. At the time of opening this project to the public in August 2017 we will only have approximately a third of our envisaged material loaded. We recommend that you revisit this site at regular intervals to see what progress has been made. The search page of every contains a link where you can view a list of the component rolls.

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Total number of nominal records as of 1 September 2017: 42,555