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Friends of Rhodesia were vital to our survival. Whether it was petrol from South Africa or volunteers to our Security Forces we were grateful for the help. As it was then, so it is now. These people and businesses listed below have made donations of their product or services to our Association. The authors have sent us a signed copy of their book which has been auctioned at our October RV

Please give your support to them - they have supported the Rhodesian Services Association, so now it is our turn to support them. When buying from them please tell them that you heard about them from the Rhodesian Services Association. It is important, as some have pledged commissions to us from sales generated by our advertising and people always like to know where referrals have come from.

Publishers & Book Stores

Books for Africa have supported the Rhodesian Services Association since 'day one'. Click on this link Books for Africa to view an extensive on-line catalogue including many book titles as well as DVDs.

Books of Zimbabwe www.booksofzimbabwe.com stock numerous Rhodesian titles, some of which are hard to get or out of print. These include:

Of Land and Spirits by Alan Thrush.

Alan Thrush served as an officer with the RAR.  He was awarded the Bronze Cross of Rhodesia for gallantry.  The book is described as a novel.  Many of the names have been changed but this is most certainly a very accurate portrayal of the Bush War in Rhodesia during the mid 1970's through until the country became Zimbabwe.  The book is well written and easy to pick up and put down without having to back track.

The Sweaties by James Scott (ex-Insp John Larn 7727)

This book has been written as a novel under a pseudonym but carries the authenticity of being written by someone who ‘was there’.  It is centered on the BSA Police Salisbury S.W.A.T. team in the final days of the war.  Facing impossible odds, the 'thin blue line' was never thinner as they and the Special Branch faced the threat of armed insurrection in the city, the horrors of Communist-backed terrorism, and the ultimate atrocity.

It is also the story of a country in its death throes. Former Inspector Peter Gibson, O.I.C Salisbury S.W.A.T 1978-1980 writes  ' ...  Gives an insight into the enormity of our situation at the time.  Whoever you are, whatever you did, recapture it in this book.  It deserves to be read.' 

The book is available only available from Books of Zimbabwe.


Dandy Agencies Pty Ltd www.dandy.co.za or email Jonathan Pittaway agencies@iafrica.com or phone +27 31 312 0674 or write to Box 78193, Avondale Road 4101, South Africa



• All three books include personal stories, nominal rolls, Rolls of Honour, citations, chronologies, orbats, photographs, tables, medals, badges, uniforms, documents, maps and militaria.
• All books are softcovered, US Letter size, coffee-table quality, gloss finish, over 400 pages, officially authorised by their respective local Associations.
• Each of the above books, contains a minimum of 1500 photos and images, most never before published.
• LRDG Rhodesia and Special Air Service Rhodesia available now and Selous Scouts Rhodesia in 2010.


Authors (by surname in alphabetical order)

Baboons on the Verandah by C.W. "Duke" Acheson

The late C. W. "Duke" Acheson was an American Foreign Correspondent covering the War in the Middle East in
1948, and thereafter travelled throughout Africa interviewing heads of state and other fascinating people. This memoir captures the essence of daily life and describes his personal experiences after settling in Rhodesia with a young family "learning to be a farmer" in the wonderful years of the 50’s and 60’s when Rhodesia was at it's best!

Often hilarious and moving with an informative account of the political situation of that era in southern Africa and the changes yet to come. Black and white photographs depict the life and times 'he' writes about.

You can order from Duke's daughter Delite at email samdelit@mweb.co.za

A Walk Against The Stream by Tony Ballinger (sb) 471 pages, plenty of B& W photos

This biography tells of the the life and times of a young man called up to do his National Service (Intake 152) with 1 and 4 Independent Company, Rhodesia Regiment in war torn Rhodesia in the late 1970's. 

As the winds of change swept down Africa in the early sixties, a lone nation resisted tyranny.  This is one of many stories set against the background of war in Rhodesia.  The author's army posting is to one of the country's premier tourist resorts and it is there that he falls in love with a young croupier from a nearby Casino. The story centres on their relationship and the challenges they face as the war rages around them and the village they live in.  It is a passionate embrace of a first love and a lost love.  Of wasted youth and blood spilled on the dry African soil.  A fascinating insight into the life of two young people brought together by love and war in a truly magnificent continent.

Order direct from Tony Ballinger tony@ballinger5422.freeserve.co.uk

My Mothers Kitchen was a Baobab - The Story of a Rhodesian Family by Ben Bezuidenhout

Now in its third printing, this book is an autobiographical romance. Ben Bezuidenhout expresses with affection and deep love, the natural and human environment in which he grew up. Here is a narrative of courage and struggle, its ambience one of man's interaction with people and nature. Living in the colony of Southern Rhodesia, Ben's family found themselves functioning as pioneers in a country won for imperialism by questionable consultation and aggressive conquest. Farms needed development, roads had to be built, water systems established, medical facilities made available, education offered to as many as possible and the essential infrastructure of a modern state provided for all.

This adventure works itself through the anecdotal reminiscence of memory. It is laced with humour, acute observation and entertaining appreciation of characters whose work-ethic became second nature. Enterprise and entrepreneurship became their watchwords long before the latter term became trendy.

Whatever the political and moral imperatives of the day, and the latter-day judgement of the twenty first century on the 'scramble for Africa' in the late nineteenth century, time and events have moved on. This book consciously avoids a political interpretation of the colonial experience in Rhodesia, its fifteen years of unilateral 'independence' and recent developments. Its focus is human endeavour, response, suffering and the struggle to respect and relate to an environment rich in natural beauty and challenge.

To order and for more information on this and other books by this author go to this page www.rhodesianbooks.co.za

Cut to the Bone by Craig Bone (in two volumes)

Cut to the Bone is the autobiography of world renowned wildlife artist Craig Bone.  Craig Bone was born in 1955 and raised in Salisbury, Rhodesia.  He attended St.  George’s College and went on to serve in the Rhodesian Light Infantry.  He was wounded in combat and subsequently took to painting full time.  Following the political turmoil in Zimbabwe, he left for the USA where he now resides.  This is his first book.

"Brilliantly written. Craig offers opinion on life as a whole which few Rhodesians or clear thinking people would find reason to disagree with. A "must buy" in my opinion." Hugh Bomford.

This is a review from Julian Pellatt, Senior Lecturer, Chester University UK:
"This was a compelling read, spread over two volumes.  Craig Bone's book is a mélange of personal recollections, observations, anecdotes, tirades and reminiscences.  The lack of any underlying structure, coupled with frequent changes in time and place may occasionally confuse; but in many ways this reflects the author's spirit and restless energy.

This is a fascinating account of an artist's journey from a boyhood spent in the last years of the British imperial adventure, through his early adult years in the Rhodesian Bush War to subsequent maturity in the darkness and evil of Mugabe's Zimbabwe, freed from its colonial chains.  A soldier's account of a firefight with terrorists transmutes readily into a discussion of the principles of art; machinations with anti-Mugabe politics give way to self-deprecating insights; evocations of the beauty of the African bush are transplanted by descriptions of life in a remote farming community and incredible escapades with cub scouts; life in a Catholic boarding school contrasts with fun and boredom as a police national serviceman.  For many Rhodesians of his generation, like myself, Craig's blunt criticism of the international politics that destroyed Rhodesia, and subsequently ignored the vileness of Mugabe's regime, will ring particularly true.  Far from being a racist, Craig is withering and uncompromising in his portrayal of the shortcomings of many Zimbabwean blacks; the 'Phineases' who have ravaged and corrupted the country or whose incompetence and indifference has allowed others to do so.

· The glue that binds this all together is Craig's volatile, unconventional, generous and fascinating character.  I was at junior school with Craig when we were close friends for a few short years, and when his artistic talents were already evident.  Afterwards we went our separate ways and lost touch.  His book has brought me up to date on what happened subsequently - and what an amazing life's journey he's had!  As quick to criticise himself as to castigate others, he tells his story as it is, without frills and with little mercy towards those whom he sees as having despoiled their superb colonial inheritance.  Craig's story will not win the Booker Prize; but that was never his intention.  At one level we have access to an extraordinary story of one man's battles with himself as much as the world around him.  At another level we have a real insight into the lost world in which he and I grew up, fought our war and lost our beloved country.  We should be grateful to him for adding to the historical record. More of us should do so to leave some evidence behind of what we achieved; and what has since been destroyed, forever."

Available from www.craigbone.com and Amazon in hard copy or digital

Lost City by Paul Cavedaschi

Set against the embers of a dying regime, Lost City chronicles the last days of a dictator who has held his country to ransom for thirty years. Andrew Beretto, ex-Selous Scout, left Zimbabwe in 1980 when Robert Mugabe came to power, vowing never to go back. But when his brother is murdered and his family farm seized by 'war-veterans', he vows to return to find his brother's killer. When Andrew arrives in the country, he discovers that he is a wanted man and that his brother has been murdered for more than his farm--he has left clues as to the whereabouts of nothing less than the lost treasure of the Monomatapa, and it is up to Andrew to find it. But to do this, Andrew has to tackle not only his brother's killer but the might of the Zimbabwe military, the CIO secret police, and the president himself. Andrew has also returned to face his old ghosts-particularly his childhood sweetheart Jennifer Eccles who has married the wealthiest man in Zimbabwe, a white businessman and close ally of the president. The novel is also the story of Tiger Makamba, frustrated war veteran who has waited thirty years for the liberation of his country which never came. He has taken matters into his own hands, 'liberating' farms and fighting the chefs in power. At the heart of the novel is the ailing president of Zimbabwe himself, haunted by the atrocities he has committed. The ghost of a comrade he killed to get into power will not let him rest. His only salvation lies in finding the lost kingdom of the Monomatapa, which he believes will give him legitimacy, eternal power and youth. The opposition leader in this novel is a woman, and the quest is to overthrow the patriarchal system of tyranny that has oppressed Africa for thousands of years. Beneath the ruins of Zimbabwe lies a lost matriarchal civilization.... and the Simba Chirema, the power to change this country and restore it to its former glory.

Paul (Cavedaschi) Williams has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin, USA, and is now Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.  He has published fiction, young adult novels, a memoir, educational readers, short stories and articles, and his books have been set in schools across Africa.  'The Secret of Old Mukiwa' won the Zimbabwe International Book Fair award for Young Adults in 2001 and 'Soldier Blue' won Book of the Year in South Africa, 2008.

Order from http://www.amazon.com/Lost-City-Paul-Cavedaschi/dp/1477509690/ref=tmm_pap_title_0

Retribution by John Frame


Set in war-torn Rhodesia, Retribution is the thrilling story of the struggle for peace, freedom and justice. Written by a former Rhodesian with experience in Air Force HQ. during the conflict, this rollercoaster journey through battle weary towns and bushland will keep readers captivated from cover to cover.

More information an dorders from www.retributionbook.com

Books by Prop Geldenhuys

Four books of note for anyone interested in the Rhodesian Air Force. For more details and how to purchase go to www.pey.co.za or write to pey@lantic.net These books are an amazing historical record.

Call of the Litany Bird by Susan Gibbs

As a trained nurse, newly married to the son of the Governor of Rhodesia during the UDI years, Susan later found herself, post independence, at the centre of an area of dissident activity which was met by extremely violent reprisals from Robert Mugabe’s North Korean trained Praetorian Guard, the notorious Fifth Brigade. Susan writes compellingly about life on their farm in Matabeleland in the midst of the unfolding terror and growing number of atrocities.

Above all it is a human story. Sometimes shocking and always moving, there is also warmth and humour as Susan creates a gripping picture of the conflict and tells of her family's survival when many of her friends and neighbouring farmers didn't.

Call Of The Litany Bird will be published by Loose Chippings Books on 11th April 2011 in two formats:

ISBN 978-1-907991-00-4 Hardback £17.99 ISBN 978-1-907991-03-5 eBook £17.99 You can pre-order it from local bookshops, Waterstone's etc or http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9781907991004/Call-Of-The-Litany-Bird or http://www.amazon.co.uk

For more information please take a look at www.loosechippings.org or contact Arthur Cunynghame, Loose Chippings Books, The Paddocks, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire GL55 6AU. Phone 01386 840435 or email arthur@loosechippings.org

 Bound For Africa by Douglass H. Hubbard Jr.

"Bound for Africa is a particularly timely book about an important continent which the United States has, until recently, largely ignored. An almost Kiplingesque tale of an American serving in a counterinsurgency role at the end of white rule in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and the beginnings of the murderous misgovernment of Robert Mugabe, the book contains valuable insights into Africa and lessons which are directly applicable to today's Global War on Terrorism." Rear Admiral T. A. Brooks, U.S. Navy (Ret.), former Director of Naval Intelligence.

This is the story of the author's introduction to Africa at a time when much of the continent was in the grips of Cold War skirmishes between the free world and the communist forces of China and the Soviet Union. Frayed from three years of service during the Vietnam War, Hubbard travelled to Africa intending to become a rural policeman in a quiet area of what was then Rhodesia. The counterinsurgency war flared soon after, a conflict that bore many of the same characteristics of the country he had just left. Hubbard describes his assimilation into the police force and into Rhodesian society and he recounts the challenges and satisfaction of leading and training young Africans. This is a very personal story of the frustrations he faced and of the attitudes and spirit of the nation's racially mixed security force.

Douglass H. Hubbard Jr. is a consultant who has spent more than three decades working with the disadvantaged in Asia and in Africa. He is also the author of Special Agent, Vietnam, a memoir of his years in counterintelligence for the NIS in Vietnam (Today known as NCIS).

For orders please email doug@awanipress.com or write to Bound for Africa, 230-C Walnut Street, #500, Chico, CA 95928, USA.

Thru Thick 'n' Thin by Ian Johnston

A warm, intimate and at times amusing memoir of a family's journey 'Through Thick 'n' Thin whilst facing the heartbreak of separation and the joy of survival during army callups and trade sanctions in Rhodesia as told by a Combat Engineer.

Email Ian Johnston valj@mindsmail.co.za to order. Price is R160 with a percentage being donated to the Mdala Trust for Zimbabwe Pensioners

In the Shadow of the Tokolosh by 'Conrad K'

Four young men growing up in the wilderness, as the last remnants of colonialism in Africa. While the world and its attitude changed around them, they found themselves fighting to save their way of life, in a land that did not share their views or values. Set in the Zambezi Valley, where the white man made his last stand in Africa.

For more information and to purchase use any of these websites:

Books by John Kelley

The Way We Were

If you had any rural background in Rhodesia or Zimbabwe then many familiar names and places will tumble out when you open this book . The Way We Were is a book of forty five featured Country Districts clubs, personalities and golf courses. There were fifty one but six were impossible to locate personnel with sufficient information. The features are based on humour, anecdote and history, adding up to the characterisation and nostalgia for Country Districts, a concept all ex-Rhodesians will understand as being unique, emanating as they did directly from the Pioneer settler columns 120 years ago to form forming the lifeblood of the country's economy. Probably half no longer exist, having returned to bush through neglect after Mugabe's land reforms, which all but destroyed agriculture and much mining. Many of the features formed part of "The Zimbabwe Golfer" magazine of a decade or so ago also by John Kelly, which was wiped out by "Gono's trillions" inflation. After digging the twenty four issues out of a cupboard earlier this year and noting that many districts courses had disappeared, John decided a book was necessary for the sake of posterity. The Way We Were is illustrated with full colour pictures and artwork.

John Kelley emigrated to Rhodesia in 1969 with his wife and two young children. He has had a lifetime in journalism after a printing apprenticeship and three years RAF service 1952-55, mainly Malaya and Singapore. He has been Sports Editor for the Salisbury Sunday Mail; News Editor The Herald; free-lanced during the Rhodesia war, writing and broadcasting for twenty two clients worldwide, mainly the UK Express group, ITN TV and to agencies and several radio stations including 2WS Australia. In recent years he has worked for Agence France-Presse and Associated Press USA. He was invited to join the AFP team at the last four Open golf championships in UK and covered much Test cricket as well.

Price is US$30 with twenty percent of income going to retired farmers and widows in Zimbabwe.

To order email John at treaclemine@zol.co.zw

Staying the Course - 120 years of golf in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe

To order email John at treaclemine@zol.co.zw

Books by Jack Lawson (pen name of former RLI soldier)

Slaver's Wheel

The Congo, 1960.  The United Nations grants the former colony independence from Belgium.  Patrice Lumumba becomes prime minister.  All hell breaks loose.
Purchase from http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/slavers-wheel-jack-lawson/1112503990?ean=9781555717209 or from www.amazon.com

A Failure of Civility - How to protect your friends, family, neighbourhood and America during a disaster or crisis

Consider reading this book as if the Authors have parachuted into your backyard as Special Operations Soldiers to assist you in forming a cooperative protection of your neighborhood.  That's one of the things we were good at as 'Special Ops' soldiers...  being covertly inserted into isolated areas to train people how to defend themselves against inequitable justice and malicious aggression.  With this book, we give you the tools of knowledge to enable you to teach you and others how to defend yourselves, family and neighbors.  This is unlike any survival, Prepper or self defense book you've ever read.  It is the 'Ultimate A to Z' Survival Book.  It is a primer for the untrained and knowledge for the trained in survival.  We show you how to organize, what to stockpile and how to prepare your Neighborhood Protection Plan.  We show you how to defend your neighborhood using military tactics and combat shooting techniques during a disaster or civil unrest.  Through "A Failure of Civility" we give you the "Force Multiplier" effect...  enabling your small group to defeat much larger groups.  This is the handbook you need during a disaster or crisis and if society and civilization begins to unravel.

Purchase from http://www.amazon.com/A-Failure-Civility-Mike-Garand/dp/0615670105

Rhodesian Medal Roll - Honours and Decorations of the Rhodesian Conflict 1970 -1981 by David Saffery

Over 25 years since the last Rhodesian medals were awarded, comes your chance to own the definitive roll of recipients of Rhodesian honours and decorations.

Rhodesia Medal Roll is the first book to list every gazetted recipient of Rhodesian honours and decorations: from the introduction of the Rhodesian honours system in 1970 to its abolition in October 1981. It includes over 1,700 previously unpublished awards that do not appear in Contact and Contact II.

The book also details the very last gallantry awards, 24 honours including four awards of the Silver Cross of Rhodesia and ten awards of the Bronze Cross of Rhodesia, that were issued under Army General Orders in June 1980, and which have never been published to the general public before.

For orders go towww.jeppestown.com

Books by Daryl Sahli

A Skirmish in Africa

Review by Ian Livingston-Blevins:
"Daryl Sahli served in the Rhodesian Army as a National Serviceman in 4 Independent Company, Rhodesian African Rifles. The novel he has written, whilst fiction, is based on true events. A great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that details of weapons and military procedure are factually correct. Where this book stands out from other Rhodesian war accounts is that it is written through the eyes of a National Serviceman serving in a unit run by regular officers and senior NCOs who had little respect for part-time soldiers. These nineteen year-old men were expected to perform against the enemy as professionals and in most cases they did exactly that. Many of the characters in this book did exist and for someone who was there, it makes for a good read.

Daryl Sahli`s novel is a great action thriller and an authentic account of a war, now forgotten and unknown to many. This book is as enthralling as any war novel I have read."
Ian Livingston-Blevins

Daryl Sahli was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and attended Hillside Junior School and Gifford High School. After completing A-levels, he, like all other young men at the time, was called up for national service. The bush war was raging as Intake 163 arrived at Cranborne Barracks in Salisbury. Daryl, together with a hundred other hopefuls travelled to Llewellin Barracks outside Bulawayo for the Officer Selection Board (OSBs) and was then sent to the School of Infantry in Gwelo for training (Inf 26/163 D). After completing training he was posted to 4 Independent Company, Rhodesian African Rifles based at Victoria Falls where he completed his National Service.

Daryl completed a B.Comm LLB degree at the University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg) and worked at both Ernst & Whinney (Young) and Arthur Anderson in Johannesburg. After immigrating to Australia, Daryl completed an LLM degree at the University of Queensland. Today Daryl works as a management consultant in his own practice in Brisbane. Daryl is married to Karen (nee Young, born in Ndola, Zambia) with two children Megan and Jason.

For more information and to purchase, go to www.mystorypublishing.com.au

Steeley-eyed Killers

"Set in the country now called Zimbabwe in the late 1970s, the Bush War has escalated into a desperate fight for survival.  In a bid to stem the tide of freedom fighters flooding into the country, the war has spilt over into neighbouring Mozambique.  External raids by special forces, the Selous Scouts and the Rhodesian Light Infantry, are required to hunt down the leaders of the liberation movement.  They are hopelessly outnumbered, jumping from ancient Dakotas and rugged Alouette III helicopters.  Chinese trained freedom fighters mount sabotage raids on key installations from bases in Mozambique, aided by spies in high places.

This story follows the harrowing, day-in-day-out combat and relentless pressure put on the combatants.  Cold War rivalry, political paralysis and undercover agents put the men on the ground, on both sides of the conflict, in mortal danger.  They not only have to defeat the enemy on the battlefield, they also have to endure the mistakes, bigotry and self-interest of their leaders.  On the Freedom Fighter side, the fighting men and women are subjected to unspeakable hardship and brutality.  Death stalks them from bomb, bullet, disease, hunger and their own leadership.
This is the story of the 'Steely-eyed killers'…….."

Available as an ebook on Amazon and the iBookstore.


The paperback is also available on:







Last Orders at the Changamire Arms by Robin Walker

What are your memories of Rhodesia?  Were you ever in Mount Darwin or did you visit the Windsor Hotel?  Did you do your military service there and have a drink at the Changamire Arms? Robin Walker, a former Rhodesian District Commissioner has written his humorous memoirs of his days working in Rhodesia.  This is a book you will enjoy.  It will make you laugh.  It will make you cry.  It will bring you back in time.

It is available on Amazon in paperback or ebook. Simply log into your local Amazon account and look for 'Last Orders at the Changamire Arms' Or you can find the paperback here - http://www.amazon.com/Last-Orders-Changamire-Arms-Rhodesian/dp/0957459815/ and the Ebook here - http://www.amazon.com/Last-Orders-Changamire-Arms-ebook/dp/B00EVT2Q9E/

Books by Dudley Wall

Signs of the Time - Insignia of the Rhodesian Security Forces 1899-1980
A comprehensive print on demand book is £28-00 plus postage.
Email dudleywall@yahoo.co.uk for more information and to make your order

South African Special Forces
A print on demand booklet on the structure and insignia of the South African Special Forces.
Email dudleywall@yahoo.co.uk for more information and to make your order

Mugabe - My Part in His Victory by Chris Walmsley

Nevin Weakley writing under the pen name Chris Walmsley, was inspired by Spike Milligan’s book ‘Adolf Hitler – My Part in His Downfall’ when choosing the title of his book.  Mugabe – My Part in His Victory is a light-hearted, but factually based look at National Service in the Rhodesian BSAP force immediately prior to Robert Mugabe’s accession to power in Zimbabwe.  It follows the transition of the author and his university friends from raw, high spirited recruits to disciplined and competent policemen.  Not that this is a straightforward process.  The police officers, recruits and Mugabe all had different ideas on how this should be achieved.  They could not all be right....

To purchase the book go through www.amazon.com

Marshmallow Fishes by Barrie Williams

For more about Kathleen O'Dea's story as told to Barrie Williams please go to this website www.marshmallowfisheszim.com

A Matter of Weeks Rather Than Months by JRT Wood

The impasse between Harold Wilson and Ian Smith; Sanctions, aborted settlements and war between 1965 - 1969. While the British and the Rhodesian whites attempted to negotiate their future, the African nationalists were not content to await the outcome. They had already adopted the concept of the armed struggle as the route to power and, sponsored by the Communist Bloc, its surrogates and allies, they began a series of armed incursions from their safe haven in Zambia. As yet, however, they lacked willing recruits or a population that welcomed their call for revolution. As A Matter of Weeks shows, their campaign was a failure but they would learn from their mistakes as the already over-stretched Rhodesian forces would discover in the 1970's. For more information and orders www.jrtwood.com

Goods & Services

Badges on Mugs in Ireland supply tea/coffee mugs with a wide range of Rhodesian badges and images on. You can expect excellent service from them. Use this link www.badgesonmugs.co.uk then the 'Rhodesia' tab on the left hand side. Their site and it is very easy to navigate and the purchase process is very simple. You can email them on sales@badgesonmugs.co.uk

When ordering please insert RSA in the Voucher Box which is directly above the box that asks for your email address. This means that Badges on Mugs will make a donation to us of £1.50 for every mug sold this way.

Ian Douglas Smith GCLM ID Limited Edition Prints

"Destiny" by Deon Stahmer. Overall size 681mm x 592mm

This unique limited edition print depicts two MK IX Spitfires of  237 (Rhodesia) Squadron RAF flying over Tuscany, Italy.  F/O I. D. Smith was flying MK227 on strafing missions just prior to being shot down over Northern Italy.

There are 200 Gallery Quality Prints left which are individually numbered and signed by Ian Smith and the artist. Price at US$290

US$70 per sale will paid to the Rhodesian Services Association from generated sales.

To order email: thecqstore@rhodesianservices.org we will then arrange everything for you.

Khukuri Imports Ltd - directors Colin Logie, Hugh Bomford and Tony Fraser are importers of top quality, hand made Khukuris (kukuris), the traditional Gurkha knife, from Nepal. 

For more information see www.khukuriimports.co.nz 

Gerry van Tonder Professional Research Services for Service History Research, Copy Editing, Proofreading Gerry offers a professional, quality research service, specializing in the service history of Rhodesians who served in the two World Wars.  Click on image below for inquiries

Movies & Music

Piracy of Rhodesian material is an unpleasant  problem.  The people below are family based businesses who work hard and make sacrifices in order to provide quality products to the public. The true Rhodesian spirit was to support your mates.  Do the right thing and be true to yourself and the Rhodesian Spirit - don't copy and reject pirated disks.


John Edmond and Roan Antelope Music www.johnedmond.co.za also includes Wrex Tarr and Clem Tholet titles

Msasa Enterprises

For high quality DVDs and Music visit www.rhodesianvideos.mazoe.com or write to msasasa@iafrica.com

The New Zealand Calendar Company Ltd (owners Bryan and Nancy Tichborne) are specialist calendar publishers and Nancy is a noted artist with paintings for sale. The have a comprehensive website at www.watercolours.co.nz

Bryan Tichborne (an original 'Saint' - RLI ) will contribute 10% to our association - from any sales generated by our advertising.  NOTE - When ordering, in the 'Special Comments' box please add 'RSO' (Rhodesian Service Organisation).  This way Bryan will know that you found your way there from our recomendation.

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These are businesses who support us with their high quality goods and services. They give us discounted prices where possible and above all, even though our orders are generally small, they provide us with quick and friendly service. We recommend them to you.

A2Z Imaging in New Zealand are a family business specialising in high quality photography and image manipulation, airbrushing and digital printing - wide format on canvas, poster and vinyl. For more information see www.a2zimaging.co.nz

Classic Flyers NZ are not only a museum complex where you can get flights in classic fixed wing and helicopters but there is a licensed cafe and gift shop as well as conference and function facility catering for up to 500 guests. They are also the venue for the anual Tauranga City Airshow D Day Commemoration. For more information see www.classicflyersnz.com

Sew Hot Monograms 15C Portside Drive, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand phone (07) 575 0779 or email sewhot@xtra.co.nz  Blair, Sonja and the team at Sew Hot have always been our first choice for all our embroidery requirements because they provide exceptional quality and service.