Rhodesian Services Association

The following people have had their medals stolen.

If you come across these medals it would be appreciated if you take what action is required in order to return them to the owner. If you have any information please contact the webmaster of this site at hughbomford@xtra.co.nz and you will be given a direct line of comms with the rightful owner. Most of the medals will be named so identifying them is easy. Please circulate this information in order to hopefully bring about the return of these medals.

DOYLE Alan - Rhodesian General Service Medal 120002 CPL. A.C. DOYLE

EVANS Phillip - Rhodesian General Service Medal 122716L VDT P.  EVANS; Zimbabwe Independence Medal.  Both medals were still in packets with ribbons plus spare 12 inch ribbons for each medal.  Noticed to be missing from our house in Bury, England in June 2012.

HENSON Nigel - Rhodesia General Service Medal, Officer of the Legion of Merit, Dhofar Campaign Medal, Zimbabwe Independence Medal.

MUSHETT Raymond - Intake 147, Regimental number 85490 medals stolen in Centurion South Africa circa 1986: Rhodesian General Service Medal and Zimbabwe Independence Medal

PEARCE Andy - Rhodesian General Service Medal 109782 GNR A. PEARCE; Zimbabwe Independence Medal. Both medals were still in packets with no ribbons. Stolen from his house in Hastings, New Zealand May 2012. Also stolen were a gold bracelet charm in the figure of the Zimbabwe bird, a gold charm in the form of a South African Ox wagon and a silver fob watch - no recognizable marks.

PERKS Ian - stolen Rhodesian General Service Medal 111269 TPR  I.J.Perks

PRETORIUS Stephen - Rhodesian General Service Medal with number 118090 stolen in the 1990's near Vereeneging

van Tonder A.J. - Rhodesian General Service Medal awarded to 88553 Rfn A.J. van Tonder

Other losses will be listed here if the details are emailed to us and that the person making the report is on our Association's mailing list.