Rhodesian Services Association (Incorporated)


4RR Rolls of Honour now resident in The Lion & Tusk Museum.

L-R – Full Roll of Honour, Warrant Officers’ and Sgts’ Mess Roll of Honour

The Memorial Garden in The Lion & Tusk Museum

The flags below are the unofficial flags of A and F Coys 4RR.  The history behind them is that the 'Foxtrot' flag was made during the time of extended callups in 1977/8. F Coy were based in the Buhera Tribal Trust Lands and then Burma Valley through that period. The OC was Maj. 'Buster' Johnson of Marandellas, my brother Capt Patrick Bomford was 2IC for a major part of the callup. Jossy Feild, the wife of one of the serving officers, Lt. Simon Feild, did the artwork and 'Buster' Johnson's wife, Merle, was responsible for making the flags.    After the extended call ups ended F Coy ceased to exist and most of the men from F Coy then served under Maj. 'Buster' Johnson in A Coy - hence the reference in the A Coy flag to the foxes from F Coy days. The flags are approx 60cm x 30cm.


4RR was granted freedom of the city of Umtali.  This is a copy of the scroll below

This is a 4RR hackle worn on the green Rhodesia Regiment beret.  The blue and white colours are the Umtali colours.   (The white faces to the wearers right).  4RR hackles can be purchased from the CQ Store page on this site