Rhodesian Services Association

This page is a tribute to those who served Rhodesia. 

The list at the bottom of this page commemorates those who have died since the end of the 'Bush War' in Rhodesia.  Their names may not appear on any Rhodesian Roll of Honour, they are honoured none the less.  Some have died fighting wars in other countries, some have died fighting cancer, others in accidents, some have taken their own lives, some have died in peace.  They survived war, in some cases more than one war.  They faced hardship and happiness in their lives but their final battle was lost.  Lest we, their friends and family forget.  At the going down of the sun we will remember them all. We salute you, your memories live on.  Farewell, Enda Bwino, Hamba Gahle, Totsiens. 

Life will never be the same without you - truly, you were Men of Men.

If you want your friend or loved one added to the list please email details to hughbomford@xtra.co.nz


In Memorial

Name Notes Date of Death
Binion, Peter Cpl, BCR                                        Support Cdo RLI. Died of cancer in his native Australia 12-11-16
Beech, Robert (Bob) Sgt. MFC (Ops) Support Cdo, RLI Aug-82
Berry P.D. (Dave) C/Sgt. BCR, WOC C Sqn. SAS Aug-82
Bomford, Peter, Capt. M.C. M.I.D Rhodesia Regt; Northern Rhodesia Regt; Ist Gurkha Regt; BSAP Reserve 22-11-01
Boyd, Gordon, RSM Rhodesian Light Infantry 06-08-07
Campion, John, C/Sgt Training Troop RLI 01-12-06
Coleman, Colm (Colin), Rfn Intake 152 - 1 & 4 (Indep) Coys. 1980?
Coleman, John, C/Sgt. Bronze Star & Purple Heart 11 Troop, 3 Cdo Rhodesian Light Infantry 04-03-03
Connelly, John, Trooper 3 Cdo Rhodesian Light Infantry  
Cook, Charles, 'Charlie Brown' Trooper Support Cdo, Rhodesian Light Infantry  
Cook, Ron, Sgt SAS, SA Recce Commando  
Cook, Vic, F/Lt. S.C.R. 3 & 7 Sqns Rhodesian Air Force  
Cornell, Pete 'Horie-Zontal', Trooper Support Cdo, Rhodesian Light Infantry  
Erasmus, Francois Jacobus ‘Raz’,  Patrol Officer BSAP, SB. Killed in Action, Nyamaropa TTL (Operation Thrasher) 29-07-77
Featherby, Maynard, Capt. MC Northern Rhodesia Regt, 1st Gurkha Regt, BSAP Reserve, Guardforce Volunteer Nov-84
Gentleman, John, Trooper  Rhodesian Light Infantry  
Gower, Arthur Selous Scouts. 2004  
Hynds, Bob, Tpr Selous Scouts, Royal Navy, South African Navy, SWA Military Unit 28-08-90
Hutchinson, Robert Louis, Sgt Support Cdo RLI, Selous Scouts, SA Recce Commando  
Kirk M.D., Sandy, Maj. Selous Scouts  
Koekemoer, Nick (Koekie) Sgt. Rhodesian Light Iinfantry Support Group 1964 - 1971 24-09-06
Kruger, Paul, CSM Selous Scouts 2002?
Johnson, 'Buster', Maj. 4th Bat. Rhodesia Regiment (4RR)  
Laing, Phillip, Sgt Intake 152 - 1 & 4 (Indep) Coys  
Laroux, Mike, Cpl. Support Cdo, Rhodesian Light Infantry  
Loxton, Alan, Cpl. Intake 146 - 1 & 4 (Indep) Coys. 18-11-01
Lunderstedt, Howard, Sgt 4RR 08-08-76
MacDonald, Ian BSAP  
MacKenzie, Robert 'Bob', Maj SAS, SA Reccee Commando  
MacLeod, Andrew 3 Cdo. Rhodesian Light Infantry Mar-06
Maskell, 'BAT', C/Sgt. MFC (Op) Selous Scouts 10-11-96
Oberholzer, P. Cpl. 7 Engineers Sqn. 1977 - 1980 12-05-90
O'Donoghue, Fin Intake 159 1 Indep Coy RAR  23-08-07
Pereversov, Ronnie 'Vodka', Trooper Support Cdo, Rhodesian Light Infantry  
Riekert, David J. Sgt 1 Cdo, Rhodesian Light Infantry 01-08-81
Rogers, Chris, Cpl Support Cdo, Rhodesian Light Infantry  
Ross-Smith, Wayne 'Wine Ross-Smith' SAS, SA Recce Commando 11-11-93
Sinclair, Alf WWII - (unit/s unknown info required); BSAP Reserve  
Sinclair, Des (Buffalo Bill), Sgt 6RR & Selous Scouts  
Spies, L.G. BSAP Reserve 2004
Suttil, Ian, C/Sgt SAS, SA Recce Commando  
Turner, David BSAP, 2RR & Signals  
Van Tonder, Daniel, Cpl 2 Cdo. 1st Battalion Rhodesian Light Infantry 13-09-99
Vice, Terry 'Bloodnut' Rhodesian Light Infantry & Selous Scouts  
Walters, David  Cpl. Sigs, 2 RLI 01-01-81