Rhodesian Services Association (Incorporated)


All pricing is in NZD and does not include P+P.
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thecqstore@rhodesianservices.org stating your selection of goods, sizes required, delivery address and we will supply a quote

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Stylus Tip Ballpoint Pen $5 per pen plus P&P

Put an end to fat finger mistakes on your device with this blue ink ballpoint stylus pen and help support The Lion and Tusk Museum.
"These pens are BRILLIANT. I carry one the whole time. The ink lasts for ages. You get full value for your $5" Hugh Bomford

NEW PRODUCTS Rhodesian Camouflage pattern and Flame Lily ballpoint pens $5 per pen plus P&P

Bumper Stickers/Decals
All our stickers are made from high quality vinyl and printed with long lasting ink these stickers are guaranteed not to fade or deteriorate from UV under normal use for 5 years.

Pictured below from low resolution scans - the real thing is nice and clear. These images are not to size scale.

Rhodesian Large 350 x 175mm         Medium 140 x 70mm                        Small 55 x 90mm
NOTE: Medium only stocked in UK                                  


Rhodesian Services Assn. 80 x 85mm (Stocked in UK   )


Rhodesia & Australia 150 x 80mm                          Rhodesia & New Zealand 150 x 80mm

All above priced at $2.50 each EXCEPT for the Large Rhodesian flag which is $10 (plus postage).

Unit Bumper Stickers - all stocked in UK   


BSAP,   Rhodesian Air Force,   Rhodesian Artillery,   Corps of Signals,   Grey's Scouts,   PATU


RLI,   RLI with wings,   Rhodesia Regiment,   Rhodesia Regiment with FNs,   SAS,   Selous Scouts

All 150mm high


Unit Bumper Stickers price $5 plus postage

Lion & Tusk Museum supporter's Bumper Sticker - show your support for the museum and help preserve Rhodesian history. Stocked in UK  


170mm x 110mm

Lion & Tusk Museum Bumper Stickers $5 plus postage

Remembrance Bumper Sticker - honour our fallen and preserve Rhodesian history

250mm x 50mm

Remembrance Bumper Sticker $5 plus postage. Postage for 1-15 stickers is: within New Zealand $5; by airmail to Australia $6.50; rest of the world $7.50.

RSR Bumper Stickers - International vehicle registration code. The RSR for Rhodesia was in use from 1965 - 1980. All stocked in UK   


Oval black and white or colour as above in 2 sizes:
Car 180mm x 110mm
Motorcycle 150mm x 90mm

RSR Bumper Stickers $5 plus postage

Suggested application by Vic MacKenzie:

Remembrance Poppy decals 80mm wide x 100mm high.  Australia, Rhodesian or New Zealand on white background. (Lion & Tusk stocked in UK   )
High quality ink and vinyl. New Zealand made. Guaranteed for 5 years under normal conditions

$4 each plus postage

Rhodesian Flag constructed with high quality, Ultra-Knit 100% Polyester.


We stock four sizes:
3 foot x 5 foot (approx 900mm x 1500mm) comes with brass eyelets for hanging @ $40 plus postage
2 foot x 3 foot
(approx 600mm x 900mm) comes with brass eyelets for hanging @ $30 plus postage
12 inches x 18 inches (300mm x 450mm) comes with a 24 inch/600mm stick @ $20 plus postage NOTE- you may wish to purchase without the stick in order to reduce postage costs
6 inches x 4 inches (150mm x 100mm) comes with a plastic stick and base standing 12 inch/300mm high @ $10 plus postage. NOTE- you may wish to purchase without the stick and base in order to reduce postage costs


NEW PRODUCT Tea/Coffee mugs

Above: Flame Lily wrap around image $25 plus P+P

Above: Rhodesian Camo wrap around image $20 plus P+P

Above: Rhodesian Army Recruitment Posters 'Vehicles' $20 plus P+P

Above: Rhodesian Army Recruitment Posters 'Vehicles' $20 plus P+P

Above: Rhodesian Bank Notes $20 per mug plus P+P


This set of mugs are $20 each plus P+P - buy the whole set of 7 mugs and only pay for 6

Above: This is the image on the back (for right hand users) of all this Operational Areas series of mugs


This set of mugs are $20 each plus P+P - buy the whole set of 8 mugs and only pay for 7

Please note:We do not carry large stock of this set and we prefer to make to order

Above: This is the image on the back (for right hand users) of all this Rhodesian Air Force series of mugs

Shot Glasses

Made in Italy and custom engraved in New Zealand. Badges shown below are available. We can produce other badges if required. We will accept orders for any number of glasses.
We recommend that these are hand washed.


Price $25 per glass plus postage

Triple Shot Whiskey and NEW PRODUCT - Gin Glasses

Showing both sides of this square profile 'Borgonovo' brand (made in Italy) whiskey glass with unique engravings. Our Gin glasses are made by the same company and have the same images. Photos to come
We recommend that these are hand washed.


Price $35 per glass plus postage


Business Card Holders hold approx 10 cards


Very hard to photograph because it is very shiny. Made from stainless steel. Slimline, durable, light weight, would make a great present.

The Lion & Tusk is engraved on front only. If requested we can put other unit badges or the Rhodesian Coat of Arms on the back at an additional cost of $10

$20 plus postage

Key Rings
Painted key rings donated by the late George Morgan. Hand painted and clear coated with hard varnish. As shown below all have the Green & White on one side and regimental colours on the other side. Fasteners may vary from image below.

Top - Reverse side all with Green & White
Centre row: Armoured Cars; BSAP; Engineers; Guard Force; Grey's Scouts; Intaf; Medics; Military Police.
Bottom row: Pay Corps; Rhodesian African Rifles; Rhodesian Light Infantry; Rhodesia Regiment; SAS; Service Corps; Selous Scouts; Signals.

Yellow highlight denotes Sold OutGreen highlight denotes Available

$5 plus postage

Number plate surrounds. NOTE - we are closing down this line of product. We only have limited numbers of the surround shown below. They will fit NZ standard plates (120mm x 360mm) if you are ordering from overseas they may not fit - please check you plates before ordering.

Australian customers please note these surrounds can be fitted to your number plates with a small modification described as:

"I had to cut the plate down and remove the two bottom plastic clips on the surround.  I then drilled a 1/8th hole in each bottom corner where I fitted a stainless steel screw and nut, painted the heads black to match."


Price $12 plus postage