Rhodesian Services Association (Incorporated)


All pricing is in NZD and does not include P+P.
To order: Email
thecqstore@rhodesianservices.org stating your selection of goods, sizes required, delivery address and we will supply a quote


Berets.  We stock a large selection of ready made berets as illustrated in the photo below from our CQ Store.

We carry stock of:

  • S, M, L and XL sizes to suit Rhodesian African Rifles, Rhodesia Defence Regiment, Rhodesian Intelligence Corps and Rhodesia Regiment - beret only $55.
  • S, M, L and XL sizes to suit RLI - beret only $60.
  • XL only to suit Psychological Operations Unit - beret only $60.
  • XL only to suit Selous Scouts - beret only $60.
  • XL only to suit Artillery, Chaplains, Engineers, Medics and Signals - beret only $60.

We can supply on order berets of various sizes to suit the following and other units not listed above or below. Price on application

  • British South Africa Police Reserve
  • Intaf and Military Police
  • Grey's Scouts
  • Rhodesian Armored Car Regiment
  • SAS

We make flashes, supply and fit badges with internal stiffener to berets for you:

Badges are listed with prices further down the page and if you require the badge to be fitted, our charges are:
RLI, RAR, Engineers, Signals etc ie: any unit not requiring a flash $11
Units requiring a flash or sewn on badge ie: Artillery, Medics, Grey's Scouts, Rhodesia Regiment, RIC $16

Above photo shows our current stock of made up berets available for purchase


Examples of bespoke berets and caps that we make to order - price on application if not stated below:

Above: We can make 1st, 2nd and 3rd Royal Rhodesia Regiment flashes as used in the 1950's

Above: 7 (Independent) Company Rhodesia Regiment


Above: Rhodesian Guard Force cap with original Rhodesian Guard Force badge fitted $80; add $12 for any additional embroidery


Air Force Peak CapsBy special order we can supply officers (as shown below) and other ranks (with shiny peak).


$170 plus postage (badge and fitting is in addition)

Rhodesian Women's Service felt hats. By special order - Price on Application contact us for details as they have to be ordered in batches


We have limited stocks of these badges pictured below as well as others from time to time. Please ask if your requirement is not listed below.  These photos are not to size. 


Grey's Scouts (Note #1) $60;   Intaf $60;          RAR $60;   SAS $20 (Note #10)  Selous Scout $60 (Note #2)


(Note #3) RLI original $65 or copy $60;    Service Corps $40;        Staff Corps, General Service Corps & RDR $50


Rhod. Medic Corps $65 (Note #4); Royal Rhodesia Regiment $60; Rhodesia Regiment $40;   Rhod. Corps of Military Police $60


Rhodesian Artillery (Note #5) $60;       Rhodesian Air Force $60;        Rhodesian Corps of Chaplins $60;  British South Africa Police (BSAP see Note #11) $60


Rhodesian Engineers $60;     Rhodesian Signals $70;   Psychological Operations Unit (1 POU) $85                       


  Original Rhod. Armoured Car Regt: Badge only $70; or complete with copy balkie $90 or copy of balkie only $20 (Note #6)


Rhodesian Women's Service copy $40 (Note #7)          Rhodesian Intelligence Corps (Note #8) $65


1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment copy $100 (Note #9)

Notes on badges

Note #1 - Grey's Scout copy badges are hand made in New Zealand from sterling silver.

Note #2 - Selous Scout badges are hand made in New Zealand from sterling silver and stamped with R on the reverse. Sales of Selous Scout regalia is restricted to former Selous Scouts and collectors for display only.

Note #3 - We stock original pre 1970 RLI badges as well as excellent copies of both pre and post Republic. The copies are made in New Zealand. The copies are a perfect replica. They are marked on the back. Copies are sterling silver.

Note #4- Rhodesian Corps of Medical Services copy badges are hand made in New Zealand from sterling silver and plated with 24 ct gold. Very fine quality - better than the original.

Note #5 - 1st Field regiment Rhodesian Artillery copy badges are made in New Zealand from bronze

Note #6 - The Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment balkies are copies made in New Zealand to our specifications. They are very good.

Note #7 - RWS copy badges are hand made in New Zealand from bronze. They are very good quality and actually look better than the original.

Note #8 - Rhodesian Intelligence Corps copy badges are hand made in New Zealand from sterling silver and plated with 24 ct gold

Note #9 - 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment copy badges are hand made in New Zealand from sterling silver and plated with 24 ct gold; weigh approx 17 grams; each one is numbered

Note #10 - SAS copy badge made in New Zealand

Note#11 - BSAP copy badge made from bronze in New Zealand. Some BSAP reservists wore navy berets in the 1960's and early 1970's.

4th (Manicaland) Battalion Rhodesia Regiment Hackle.

These are perfect reproductions of the original. They were worn by all ranks behind the Rhodesia Regiment badge on the beret, to be worn with the white side to the right.

Price - $30 plus postage.


It has taken many years to finally be able to be able to produce copies of dog tags used by the Rhodesian Security Forces in the 1970's. Sourcing material was the biggest challenge as the original dog tags were made from materials containing asbestos. These copies are made from vulcanised fibre - they do NOT contain asbestos. We thank the many people who have been involved in the process, some of who were not Rhodesians but became interested in what we were doing and gave their time and skills for free.

We thought that the BSAP were issued a single round charcoal coloured dog tag and all the other branches of the forces were issued two - an octagonal light khaki one and a round brick red one, however during our research it was found that the some BSAP were issued with a round charcoal or light khaki or a single octagonal light khaki or the set of round brick red and light khaki octagonal.

During training it was said that the round brick red tag was waterproof and the octagonal tag was fire proof. It was also taught that one tag was to be left with the body of a casualty and the other was to be removed and handed in. It became commonplace to have a can opener attached to sets of dog tags as well as morphine or sosegon for administering to the wounded.

Marking of BSAP dog tags seems to have been done by saddlery or armoury staff. In the other services generally the owner marked his own set with supplied punch stamps during the first phase of training. The marking of dog tags generally followed a standard but there were variations. One standard seems to be that the police tags all had 'BSAP' on them. We are standardising the details on the copies that we produce and all details will be on the same side as shown in the samples below.

Above are samples of the dog tag sets that we are offering which are made from 550 parachute cord and include a macrame section of thinner cord, marked dog tag/s and a can opener which is optional.


  • Single round BSAP with necklace and macrame $20; add $10 for addition of can opener
  • Set of two with necklace and macrame $25; add $10 for addition of can opener

Details to be supplied for inclusion on each tag:

  • Surname and initials
  • Service number
  • Blood group
  • Religion (optional)

PLEASE NOTE these tags are 'shower proof', we do NOT recommend that you immerse them in water, nor that you wear them when swimming, bathing or showering.


These are all very high quality badges

Rhodesian Light Infantry $60. This item is also stocked in the UK  

Rhodesia Regiment on black backing $60.

Special Air Service on black backing $60

Rhodesian SAS No 1 dress wings $40. These are a very accurate reproduction of the original wings. 75mm x 35mm


NOTE: images below are NOT to scale.
Our embroidered badges are very high quality, machine embroidered, made in New Zealand.

For a full detailed and illustrated list of all our available embroidery patterns please download this PDF document Embroidery Patterns.pdf




Above for blazer pockets (photos not to scale):
Top row: Rhodesian Air Force, BSAP, BSAP Support Unit,
Middle row: INTAF, Rhodesian Coat of Arms, Rhodesian Corps of Engineers, Rhodesian Intelligence Corps (RIC)
Bottom row: Grey's Scouts, Rhodesian African Rifles (RAR), Rhodesian Sport Representative (this badge will also have 'Rhodesia' above the Lion and the sport ie Rugby, Water Polo, Cricket, Hockey etc below.
They can be embroidered direct to garments or as a sew on with overlocked edges or on a pocket size backing so the whole blazer pocket can be covered or replaced.

We can supply these badges on any of the following backing materials: Rhodesian Green, Navy, Black, Rhodesian Camo.
Price: All are $50 for all except for the RAR $60 and RIC $65.

NOTE: Sew on version of the BSAP Support Unit badge is available ex stock in the UK on black backing only

Embroidered sew on badges at $35 each
L-R top: RLI, Rhodesian Army (also available on black), BSAP; L-R middle row: Rhodesian Coat of Arms, Rhodesian Flag (the Rhodesian Flag is stocked in the UK   ); Bottom: PATU badge on Rhodesian camo background (125mm x 95mm) NOTE: Camo backgrounds will all be different.


Embroidered sew on badges at $25 each

Top: Lion and Tusk on green and black; Middle: Flame Lily with or without 'Rhodesia'; Bottom: PATU badge and Rhodesian Army Chest Title are both the same size as the original badges which were screen printed except ours are embroidered).


Embroidered sew on copy Rhodesian Para Wings and Rhodesian Army chest title badges at $20 each

Rhodesian Para Wings in the style worn by qualified RLI and RAR soldiers on Rhodesian Green or Rhodesian Camo backing. Each camo backing is unique. Chest title is the same size as original printed badge except our copy is embroidered.




British South Africa Police $15 These are jewellery quality gold plate. Measures 22mm x 15mm. This item is also stocked in the UK  


Rhodesia Regiment Badge $15.These are jewellery quality gold plate, made in New Zealand badges 20mm x 20mm. This item is also stocked in the UK  


Rhodesian Light Infantry $15 These are top quality polished die cast zinc with nickel plate. 16mm x 15mm. This item is also stocked in the UK  

SAS $15. 15mm wide x 20mm high This item is also stocked in the UK  


Rhodesian SAS Para Wings (9 feather)$20. Measures 20mm wide. Made from premium nickel plated stamped copper with enamel infill in New Zealand


Rhodesian Flag $15 Measure 25mm x 15mm. with clutch clip on back. Made from stamped brass in New Zealand. This item is also stocked in the UK  


Rhodesian General Service Medal Ribbon $10. Measures 19mm x 6mm. This item is also stocked in the UK  

RLI & RAR Para Wings - Gold Plate or Enamel $15. Measures 17mm wide.

Rememberance Poppy

Two styles of lapel pin to choose from - Rhodesian Lion & Tusk or New Zealand Kiwi


Measures 30mm high x 20mm wide

Produced for those people who want to wear a Remembrance Poppy as a mark of respect on special days, not necessarily the nationally marked days of Armistice and ANZAC. 

The Lion & Tusk design is obviously aimed at the Rhodesian market.  The Kiwi design is in response to the increasing number of New Zealanders who have become associated with our Association.

We have deliberately kept our designs completely different to anything on the market or currently used by veteran's welfare groups.  Our statement on each label is as follows:
"The Rhodesian Services Association is a Registered Charity under the New Zealand Charities Act 2005.  Registration number is CC25203.
This Remembrance Poppy is not designed to replace poppies sold for the welfare of veterans.  This poppy can be worn on any occasion to commemorate those who are no longer with us.
Profits from this sale are directed towards the development of museum displays and preservation of historic items."

Each one comes with a small label card in which you can write an inscription if you are going to be giving it to someone.

Price - $10 plus postage.

Rememberance Poppy in Presentation Box

If you want to make a special gift, then this box (boxes may vary to that illustrated depending on stock - they will be black velveteen) will suit any of our lapel pins ie: Rhodesian Flag, Para Wings. Pictured below with Kiwi and Rhodesian Remembrance Poppies.


Price $12.50 (not including the badge and postage)


RV Lapel Pin 20mm x 25mm. These are issued annually for those attending the October RV. We have some left-overs in stock covering some years and we can get backdated ones done.

$10 plus postage


Name badges. 
Green & White background with Rhodesian Services Association Lion & Tusk or your unit badge.  See examples below of our current selection of badges which include our latest addition - BSAP Support Unit. Other units available on request:


Rhodesian Services Assn Lion & Tusk; BSAP; RLI; Rhodesian Air Force; Rhodesian SAS; Rhodesia Regiment; Selous Scouts.

Sample of completed badge below, measures 80mm. x 30mm with safety pin fastener on the back.


Price $17.50 plus postage.

Pin Saver
Sick of loosing lapel pins because the butterfly clip gets pulled off? Here is the answer to your frustration problem.


  • Packet of 5 (no Hex Key) $10 plus postage.
  • Packet of five with 1mm Hex Key $12.50 plus postage

Rhodesian Coat of Arms cufflink & tie pin set
Custom made - unique to the Rhodesian Services Association. These are gold plated to jewellery standard in a 3 metal 4 electro plating process making them more durable than silver plate. The base for the mould was from a Rhodesian Army button which shows the Rhodesian Coat of Arms in relief. Comes in a presentation box. The closure device on the tie pin is very secure.


Price $75 plus postage