Rhodesian Services Association (Incorporated)


All pricing is in NZD and does not include P+P.
To order: Email
thecqstore@rhodesianservices.org stating your selection of goods, sizes required, delivery address and we will supply a quote

Please note:

  • When ordering a hat - measure the circumference of your head at the widest point.
  • When ordering a shirt - measure a garment that you wear, with the type of fit you require, from seam to seam across the back at the junction of the underarm - see below

Embroidered apparel NOTE: the images below are not to scale

For a full detailed and illustrated list of our embroidered and bullion wire badges please download this PDF document Embroidery Patterns.pdf


NEW PRODUCT Above: Copy Rhodesian Para Wings in the style worn by qualified RLI and RAR soldiers. Price $20 per badge.
These can be purchased as sew on badges with Rhodesian Green or Rhodesian Camo backing or the embroidery can be applied to shirts, caps and beanies if desired.
The embroidered part is 75mm tip to tip, 25mm high.
Note: The background on each camo one is different


The patterns illustrated above are suitable for t-shirts @ $30 per shirt and polo shirts @ $45 per shirt.


The patterns illustrated above are suitable for t-shirts @ $40 per shirt and polo shirts @ $55 per shirt.

Our normal stock colours for shirts are green, black, white and blue, we can supply other colours on request.

We may be able to supply some polo shirts with a pocket as illustrated below for an additional $5.

                      Above: Mens polo shirts                                                                 Above: Womens polo shirts

Caps as shown plus postage:

BSAP on navy $38                1 Rhodesian SAS Regiment $33              C Sqn SAS $33        Flame Lily with RHODESIA on back $33

Lion & Tusk black/gold trim $33 Lion & Tusk green/gold trim $33   Lion & Tusk navy $33    Rhodesian Coat of Arms with RHODESIA on back $33

 Rhodesian Air Force navy/gold trim $38 for badge on front only or $48 with RHODESIAN AIR FORCE on back

 Rhodesian Light Infantry $50           Rhodesian Army badge $50
You can personalise a cap with your name/unit/intake/regimental number etc (see below) for an additional $12.50.
Rhodesian Coat of Arms only works on green - it does not work on a black background.
BSAP Caps designed for navy blue but can go on other colours if desired.

Example of personalised embroidery for $12.50

Floppy Hats for $38
Forest Green with either with Rhodesian Coat of Arms and 'Rhodesia' on the side or with the Flame Lily and no writing.
Sizes: S-M (56cm - 57cm fit) L-XL (59 - 60cm fit)


Surf Hats for $45
Forest Green with with Flame Lily and 'Rhodesia' on the back.

Sizes: 55cm, 57cm, 59cm, 61cm

Beanies for $28 in styles and patterns as shown below except for the Rhodesian Air Force and BSAP which are $38:

Top Row left to right: 100% acrylic with turnup (no lining) Flame Lily with Rhodesia on green, Rhodesian Coat of Arms on green, BSAP on navy, Lion and Tusk on black, Lion and Tusk on green.
Middle Row left to right: 100% acrylic cable knit, no turnup with polar fleece lining (very warm) Flame Lily on green, Flame Lily with Rhodesia on green, Rhodesian Coat of Arms on green, Lion and Tusk on green, Lion and Tusk on black.
Bottom Row: Rhodesian Air Force for $38

We can supply a variety of other colours, even pink, on order.

Black Polar fleece scarves for $40. See samples below. Nice and long at 1.8m. Only available in black but we have one only BSAP on navy. We can embroider with any of our patterns and customise if required.


END OF LINE - we are closing down production of this item: Aprons for $30. Top - bottom, L-R - full length khaki with Lion & Tusk and 'Rhodesian Services Association' embroidery; Rhodesian Coat of Arms with 'Rhodesia' embroidery

We have 5 khaki aprons which can individualise for you with your choice of badge and extra comment such as "Grill Sergeant", "Boerie King" or anything else you fancy. Price will be quoted on application.

Please note that we are going to be closing this product line down when all current stock has been sold



Example of custom embroidery

Replica Rhodesian Rugby Jerseys

We have researched and copied as close as possible to the 'real thing' as used in the late 1970's. Other copies on the market contain errors relating to the badge and the stripes. Our jersey is the closest that you will get to an original.

The initial custom designed fabric and jerseys were produced by Lane Walker Rudkin International (LWR), a New Zealand based company. LWR has since closed down and their subsidiary company, Canterbury Clothing Company (CCC) has taken on our design and are our current supplier of these unique jerseys.

In 1898 the first national Rhodesian side toured South Africa. We can only see from black and white photos that the strip was dark in colour. In the early 1900's the Green and White hoops were introduced. It was not until the late 1970's that the Lion over the Tusk was actually sewn onto the jersey, the first time that any insignia other than player numbers was worn.

Feedback to date from around the world is most favourable regarding size and likeness to the original.

Material is a poly /cotton mix and some shrinkage is to be expected.

When ordering please send us your chest and if you want short or long sleeve. We stock sizes covering chest size:

  • Medium = 45 inch / 114 cm up to
  • XXXL = 59 inch / 150 cm


Price $150 plus postage

SAS tie - please note that this item will only be sold to verified Rhodesian SAS operators or such persons authorised by the SAS Regimental Association of South Africa.

$55 plus postage

Rhodesia Regiment tie - this is made in New Zealand from silk

$45 plus postage

Rhodie Wear Rhodesian Brushstroke Pattern Camouflage Tie $35

150cm long. Every tie is unique


Rhodesia Regiment stable belt
Perfect copy of the original 75mm wide with leather straps
Our largest belts max length is 130cm, send us your belt size when ordering

$75 plus postage

SAS belting

Belting only, 60mm wide, no buckles $40 per meter plus postage