Rhodesian Services Association (Incorporated)

Rhodesia Regiment 1899-1981 Addendum & Errata

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Despite our best efforts some details and typographical errors have occured. We are sorry for these errors. These are the known errors:

Page Number Error Correction
7 Andrew Barratt; Tony Griffiths; David Stedman; Kang Yink Andrew Barrett; Tony Griffits; Kang Yin
161 Photo caption: Above left: Members of…outside Pirbright Camp.. Above left: Members of…at Woking Station..
174 Photo caption: Top Left: Lt-Col Tones...at Queen's Birthday Parade at Bulawayo Drill Hall. Top Left: Lt-Col Tones…review the Southern Rhodesia 1953 Coronation Contingent at KGVI Barracks prior to their departure for England
176 Photo caption in middle: Intake 16…..Sgt Ralfe Sgt Balfe
218 Footnote * Welensy * Welensky
229 ...Garth Barrett was… ...Garth Barratt was…
308 In the account of Second Lieutenant Steadman,... In the account of Second Lieutenant Stedman,...
308 ...one of whom was, as Steadman remarked,... ...one of whom was, as Stedman remarked,...
338 ...led by Lieutenant David Steadman... ...led by Lieutenant David Stedman...
387 Photo caption: Above left: Sgt P. Calesse Sgt Pat Calasse
454 Temporary Corporal L.F. ANDROLIAKOS Temporary Corporal L.F. ANDROULIAKOS
530 Forbes………Notes…..See also C. Cockcroft Mark Cockcroft
547 Photo captions for Sgt van Zyl & Rfn Buttress-Doyle Caption texts are correct but refer to the wrong photos
594 Steadman, Lieutenant David 308, 338 Stedman, Lieutenant David 308, 338

Additional post publication information. We anticipate that this section will keep growing for years as new information comes to light that we intend to record here:

Page Number Text Correction Source 
359 Photo caption Above: 4th (Mani…Lt V.Gifford, unknown, unknown is 2Lt Roger Carloni BCR Russell Fulton
439 Major Rothesay Egerton SEYMOUR Information discovered post publication see Seymour MC, MiD.pdf  
446 Major Rothesay Egerton SEYMOUR Information discovered post publication see Seymour MC, MiD.pdf  
552-553 5RR leadership details CO's: Lt-Col Ken Rae immediately prior to Lt-Col Hawtrey. 2IC's: Maj E.V. McCormack 1969-1972. RSMs: Pre 1969 WOI Ray Wynn; WOI Robin (Ginger) Norton 1969-1972 Robin Norton