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16th December 1976

The purpose of this site is to honour all those that were called up in intake 155 to defend their country and to remember and pay homage to those we left behind

Those we left behind :
L/Cpl Robert Lee - May 1977 KOAS - Vehicle accident near Vic Falls
2nd Lt Derrick Kingsley-Jones - June 1977 KIA - Contact  near Vic Falls
Rfn Paul Moore - July 1977 KIA
Sapper Gavin Ashby - March 1978 KOAS - Minefield accident Eastern Border
Sgt Kevin Howard Bicknell - April 1978 KOAS - Shooting incident at Essexvale
Rfn Godfrey Hussey - April 1978 KOAS - Vehicle accident at Milabizi
Those that received honours and citations for gallantry
2nd Lt Derrick Kingsley-Jones  - April 1977 Sword of honour
C/Sgt Bruce Spargo  - April 1979 SAS - Wings on Chest
2nd Lt Graeme Rae  - June 1979 BCR - Bronze Cross Rhodesia
T/Cpl Neil MacLaughlin  - June 1979 BCR - Bronze Cross Rhodesia
Cpl Michael Wilkinson  - June 1979 BCR - Bronze Cross Rhodesia

SCHOOL OF INFANTRY COURSE INP/26(155) 22 December 1976 - 29 April 1977
Back Row (L-R): T/Cpl Pollard S.G. (4 Indep); Cpl Langaman M.R.  (4RR); T/Sgt Walker M.R.C.  (4 Indep); T/Sgt De Bruyn P.  (4 Indep); T/Cpl Bicknell K.H.  (4 Indep, KOAS); 2nd Lt D.J.  Kingsley-Jones (4 Indep, KIA); T/Sgt Rault S.  (4 Indep)
Front Row (L-R): 2nd Lt Meikle (S. Scouts); 2nd Lt G.  Rae (Armours Cars, BCR); 2nd Lt A.J.F.  Henning (Artillery); Capt T.F.  Williams (Course Officer); Sgt Turner P.  (Course Instructor); 2nd Lt K.  I.  Bassett (4 Indep); 2nd Lt A.  Kockett (S. Scouts)


At the end of 1st Phase 1977
Not all members of intake 155 are shown in the above photo, some had already been posted to other units.

Only those who are no longer with us or have given their consent are named below.  You can click on their names to get their email address and make comms with them. If you able to update the table below, please contact me: pickcadd@mweb.co.za

Surname Name DRR Platoon Unit Remarks
Alexander   Angus "Gus" 9 / LTU 4 Indep Western Austrailia
Ashby Gavin  7 Engineers KOAS – March 1978
Bailey Arthur 9 Engineers Lancaster, UK
Baker Anthony 7 RLI / Selous Scouts Howick, South Africa
Bassett Kevin OSB 4 Indep Gauteng, South Africa
Bennett Cliff 7 4 Indep Collinsville, Queensland, Australia
Bester Charlie 7 Engineers Singleton, NSW, Australia
Bicknell Howie OSB/LTU 4 Indep / RAR KOAS – April 1978
Blignaut Alan  8 Engineers Deceased - (Head injury)
Blundell Bryan 8 4 Indep / 5RR Durban, South Africa
Bogan Mike 8 Signals Durban, South Africa
Botha Kevin   4 RR Durban, South Africa
Caldwell Darryl 9 4 Indep / RAR Windsor, Northern California, USA
Carstens Chris  “Silky” 7 4 Indep / Signals Perth, Australia
Chapple Steve 9 Signals Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Comley Lawrence 7 / LTU 4 Indep East London, South Africa
Cooper Ian 9 4 Indep / RAR Perth, Australia
Corbishley Andy 7 4 Indep / 8RR Papamoa, New Zealand
Cox Mark 9 4 Indep / 5RR  
Dawson Eric 7 RLI  Chaing Mai, Thailand
de Bruyn Leon 7 4 Indep / 9RR Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Divaris Dimitrios  “Demo” 7 Med School Kitchener Waterloo, Canada
dos Santos Carlos   2 Med. Coy Norwich City, UK 
Dunne Geoff 7 / LTU 4 Indep / 5RR Auckland, New Zealand
Dutton Mike OSB/LTU 4 Indep / 10RR Perth, Australia
Emslie Frederick 7 Armoured Cars Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Evans Dean "Deano" 9 Engineers Konigstein, Bavaria, Germany
Ferreira Charlie 7 Signals UK
Gooden Bruce 8 4 Indep  
Greene Jim 7 Signals Gaborone, Botswana.
Hornby Ken 7 4 Indep / 5RR  
Hubbard Dudley "Duds" 9 4 Indep Deceased - 2008
Hussey Godfrey 9 4 Indep KOAS – April 1978 
Johnson Geoff 8 4 Indep Perth, Australia
Jones William 8 Armoured Cars  
Kingsley-Jones Derrick OSB 4 Indep KIA – June 1977
Lamb Ken 9 Signals  Mt. Plymouth, Florida, USA
Langton Danny 8 4 Indep / 6RR Knysna, South Africa
Lapham Paul 9 Armoured Cars Queensland, Australia
Lee Rob  8 / LTU 4 Indep KOAS – May 1977
Loudon Ian   Artillery Brisbane, Australia
Lubbe Carel 9 4 Indep Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
MacDonald Neil 9 Signals Durban, South Africa
MacKenzie Iain  8 4 Indep / Selous Scouts Cornwall, UK
Martin Brian 7 / LTU 4 Indep / 5RR Durban, South Africa
Maxwell Craig “Max”   3 Indep / 4RR Matatiele, South Africa
Midgley Paul 7 Guard Force  
Moore Paul   Signals KIA – July 1977
Morgan Eddie   Signals Deceased
Nelson Alan 9 Artillery George, South Africa
Nicol Steve 7 Artillery Durban, South Africa
Noble Mike     Deceased - (Micro light accident 1998)
Nurse Mike 8 RLI Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Pattinson Russell 8 4 Indep  Plano, Texas, USA
Pickers Rob 7 4 Indep / 5RR Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Purchase Ron 7 4 Indep Boksberg, South Africa
Rae Graham OSB Armoured Cars Lusaka, Zambia
Ras Chris 8 4 Indep / RLI Deceased - (Car accident)
Rault Steve OSB 4 Indep / RAR Gauteng, South Africa
Robertson Brian “Bert” 8/ LTU 4 Indep / 8RR Auckland, New Zealand
Robinson Pete 8 4 Indep Australia
Robinson Robbie 9 Armoured Cars Chester, Cheshire, UK
Seaward Chris 7 RLI Deceased 1979 - (Hunting accident)
Smith John   Engineers  
Spargo Bruce 8 C Sgn. SAS Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Strong Kim OSB/LTU 4 Indep / RAR / 9RR Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
van der Riet Brian 7 Artillery Perth, Australia
van Harte Rene 9 4 Indep Holland
Ventouris George 7 Armoured Cars Deceased 1996 - (Heart attack)
Walter Mike 7 Engineers Gauteng, South Africa
Walton Ian "Wally" 8 / LTU 4 Indep / 9RR Deceased 29-06-2009 - (Cancer)
Winter Mervyn 8 Armoured Cars Cape Town, South Africa
Woolley William 7 4 Indep / RAR East London, South Africa

Medals Parade June 1979

Bronze Cross recipients:
Front row L-R 1st left 2nd Lt Graham Rae - (RhACR), 4th left Cpl Mike Wilkinson - (Grey Scouts)
Back row L-R 1st left T Cpl Neil MacLaughlin - (1 RLI)

2nd Lt Graham Rae receiving his BCR from Gen. Sandy McLean


Selous Scouts

Anthony Baker

4 Independent Company, Wankie


Joint Operation Command Wankie Beer Mug                Rob Pickers served in 4 Indep Coy and 5th Battalion Rhodesia Regiment


Call out to a farmer’s wife who had hit a land mine in the Vic. Falls area. 

Ian Cooper, farmers wife, Kenny Webster.


Left front to back: E. Erasmus “Ras”, Mike Barry, Ian MacKenzie “Max”, Pete Robinson.
Right front to back: Bert Robertson, Andy Corbishley, Rus Pattinson, Kevin Irvin, Jeremy Walton.


Standing: Bruce Gooden, Ian Walton (with MAG)


Standing: Mike Barry (with MAG), Russ Pattinson


Vic Falls fishing camp.  Russ Pattinson


4 Indep (Vic falls) - Godfrey Hussey, René van Harte

4 Indep - Ken Whaley, Bryan Blundell, Martin Hartell, Pete Robinson, Bruce Gooden


Rhodesian Corps of Signals



Steve Chapple, John Verkus, unknown, John Vekris                    Steve Chapple, Eddie Morgan, unknown, Chris Carstens "Silky", John Vekris


Mike Bogan at KGVI


Rhodesian Corps of Engineers


Building a Bailey Bridge
Left to right
John Erasmus (Back to camera) Mike Walter (Kneeling) Gavin Asby KOAS (white shirt) Dean Evans, Paul Trewatha (centre standing), Fanie Joubert (kneeling) Brill Nell (Back to camera)


 In the mud


Dean Evans still in the army (this time the US) Some of his badges


Rhodesian Medical Corps



Max Maxwell back centre (wearing a jersey)  Posted to 3 Indep Coy.



Rhodesian Light Infantry


Mike Nurse (RLI) as in the book 'The Saints'

Rhodesian Armoured Car Regment

All photos below supplied by Mervyn Winter

Camp South of Churundu

Convoy near Malapati


Eland 90 being repaired after hitting a landmine


Eland 90 overturned


On Patrol near Gonarezhou, a Ferret armoured car leads an Eland 90 followed by a Rodef 45 troop carrier