Rhodesian Forces Archives Project: Nominal & Casualty Rolls

These rolls have been compiled as accurately as possible from available records, some human error and duplications are inevitable. As an ongoing process we continue to add new records and update existing records as new information comes to light.

We estimate that we have another 150,000 records to add to these databases, so we recommend that you return to this site on a regular basis to see what has been added.

This project has been made possible due to the dedication and assistance of the following people:

Alan Doyle Craig Fourie Hugh Bomford Mark Naude Stewart Fairbairn
Beth Chapman David Stedman Jackie Jackson Mike Tucker Tinka Mushett
Charles Chapman Dudley Wall Jim & Jackie Kedda Russell Fulton Tony Fraser
Chuck & Sue Osborne George Parker John Loades Ryan Ingleton J.R.T Wood for Bush War era RoH information
Clare Harvey Gerry van Tonder Leon Christianakis Sandy Coetzee