Ensure that your service in Rhodesia is retained on record by adding your details to our database.

Please note that this kind of project is generally financed by a government and possibly assisted with corporate sponsorship and compiled by centralized, paid employees, with full access to national archives and regimental records. We have none of these luxuries – we are unpaid volunteers, based in a number of countries around the globe (most of us have never met eachother), working in our “spare” time off scarce records. The Rhodesian Services Association paid for this on-line facility to be made from hard earned resources and with careful budgeting. In some instances the volunteers use their own money to fund their research and purchase records. All this is done for the purpose of preserving Rhodesian history, honouring our ancestors and comrades.

Please be aware that we are only a fraction of our way through digitising and loading records on this massive project. If you are contacting us by filling out this form below to offer information or assistance – thank you very much. If you are writing to us to ask why you cannot find someone on our database, please word your query in a respectful manner having first read and considered what has been written in the paragraph above because we do not respond favourably to messages of a demanding nature.

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