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File Updated
Abbott George Cerrall 6 Sgt Rhodesia Regiment 6th Rhodesian Horse Squadron (C Squadron) KIA 16 Sep 1900 01/05/2020
Abbott William A. Tpr Salisbury Column B Troop, Salisbury Horse KIA 04 Dec 1893 28/07/2022
Abbott Charles Frederick Lt 1st Cape Corps KIA 06 Nov 1916 07/11/2018
Abbott Reginald Frederick William 1694 or 2694 Pte Honourable Artillery Company 1st Bn. KIA 16 Jun 1915 31/10/2018
Abel 10506 Cst British South Africa Police DOAS 04 Mar 1945 18/01/2018
Abel 6235 Labourer Rhodesia Air Askari Corps DOAS 16 Nov 1944 18/01/2018
Abero RHO/1105 Pte Rhodesian African Rifles 1st Battalion KIA 26 Apr 1945 18/01/2018
Abrahams Edwin David R43033T A/Sgt RDR 1st Bn KOAS 23 Oct 1975 02/09/2017
Abrahams Ian David 123242 Pte RDR 1st Bn DOAS 01 Dec 1979 04/12/2019
Abrams Henry James PR33877 Cpl RR 10th Bn KIA 09 Apr 1976 09/08/2020
Abudu Ahmed R100666T Pte RDR 3 RHU KIA 13 Sep 1976 04/11/2019
Ackerman Anton Alexander Sgt British South Africa Police DOAS 19 Nov 1918 31/10/2018
Ackermann Andries Johannes and Andrew John 16709 Pte South African Infantry 2nd Regiment MIA 04 May 1918 02/11/2018
Acland John Henry Dyke Capt Royal Army Medical Corps attached 1st Bn. Somerset Light Infantry KIA 12 Jul 1916 01/01/2020
Adams David James R74262T Pte RDR 1 RHU KIA 02 Oct 1977 29/09/2017
Adams E.G. S/Sgt Colonel Plumer's Force BSAP DOAS 14 Dec 1899 02/09/2017
Adams Harry George 3031 BSAP DOAS 30 Apr 1933
Adams Harold James Capt Royal West African Frontier Force 1st Battalion Nigeria Regiment DOAS 28 Aug 1940 17/03/2022
Adamu or Adam M/1631 Pte Rhodesia Native Regiment DOAS 09 Dec 1918 28/03/2024
Addams Ernest Charles 'Doomps' V2021 Maj RR HQ 2 Bde KIA 14 Aug 1974 04/12/2019
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