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File Updated
Zunze or Zunzi or Zuze Roman M/526 Pte Rhodesia Native Regiment DOAS 09 Dec 1918 05/02/2020
Zuwa M/2034 L/Cpl Rhodesia Native Regiment DOAS 22 Oct 1918 05/02/2020
Zuze Jim M2242 Pte Rhodesia Native Regiment DOAS 29 Oct 1918 05/02/2020
Zvechibwe Obert 645410 Smn RhSigs KIA 17 Dec 1977
Zvidzai Medicine Gd Rhodesian Guard Force PV Prtn Group DOAS 14 Apr 1979 25/06/2023
Zvikaramba John 201510 Aux Cst BSAP PR KOAS 16 Nov 1978
Zvirevo Epison 23242 Cst BSAP Uniform Mrd 20 Nov 1976
Zvirime M. Gd Rhodesian Guard Force PV Prtn Group DOAS 23 Jun 1977 25/06/2023
Zvomuya Fanwell Maganiso DA Intaf Uniform KOAS 01 Nov 1975 01/10/2017
Zvukuvenda John 650610 Pte RR 2nd Bn KOAS 19 Apr 1978
Zwidzayi or Zwizayi RHO/1379 Cpl Rhodesian African Rifles 1st Battalion KIA 05 May 1945 17/04/2018
Zwinogumba Titus 17196 Cst BSAP Uniform KOAS 05 Dec 1974 01/10/2017
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